The World’s Most Mind-Blowing Places:

1Place2Go: A Guide For Real Travelers

Chris Kaiser, Founder of B’n’Tree
Updated for 2020

1Place2Go is travel inspiration at its finest. It is a guide for travelers to the world’s most mind-blowing places.

1Place2Go focuses on the one single most stunning location or experience in a country or destination. Make sure to include it in your travel itinerary!

And make sure to share #1Place2Go with fellow travelers.

What Is 1Place2Go?

1Place2Go is travel inspiration at its finest. It is the one single most mind-blowing experience or location a country has to offer. This can be anything from history-shaping monuments and waterfalls classed as world wonder to remote jungle adventures and breathtakingly beautiful beaches.

Often that 1Place2Go is a little off the beaten track. Partly because you have heard about the mainstream locations already, partly because off the beaten track experiences beat overrun tourist traps.

There usually is only one 1Place2Go per country. As you can imagine, it is not easy to single out one location out of everything a country has to offer, so be assured the recommended 1Place2Go is absolutely worth visiting.

The destinations mentioned require about one to five days to properly explore them. Feel free to stay on if you have more time. Should you have less time, you’re doing it wrong.

To save you time, all 1Place2Go descriptions are super short. We only give you the essentials, and leave the rest up to you to discover.

Who Are 1Place2Go Travel Recommendations For?

1Place2Go recommendations, contrary to most tourist handbooks, focus on real travelers. Travelers, as opposed to tourists, properly want to experience the very best a country has to offer, while tourists get stressed out rushing around ticking off overly long must-see and must-do lists. (Or lying in their all-inclusive resorts and hence seeing nothing at all of the country.)

Therefore, 1Place2Go focuses on the one single most stunning location or experience in a destination. Make sure to include it in your travel itinerary. And make sure to read through the B’n’Tree Green Travel Guide before departure. It makes your experience richer, helps save our planet and on top it saves you cash money.

Wherever you go, always begin your bookings on We plant trees for you while you travel, at no cost to you, to ensure this planet remains as incredibly beautiful as it is.

A Note From Chris

When I travel, I travel. Preferably slowly. I don’t want to rush from place to place to only find out where I’ve been once I sort through my pictures back home.


I don’t want a list of 10 must-dos and another 20 must-sees that I need to tick off. Ticking off lists is for tourists.


A lot of people I talked to during my travels feel the same. Yes, having a guidebook or a list with stunning places can be a good start to draw ideas from, but it can easily get overwhelming. How to decide which of those ten places is the best, when you only have time for two? Or one?


That is why 1Place2Go is the ideal guide for real travelers. Plan enough time for the featured experience and create the rest of your itinerary around that. You won’t regret it.
Safe travels!

Chris Kaiser, Founder B’n’Tree

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The 1Place2Go World Map

Below you will find all the countries we have already shared with you on 1Place2Go.  Click on the country you’re planning to visit to discover the secret locations our travelers enjoy most!

Make sure to share this article with fellow travelers who are planning their next journey.

Despite trying hard, we have not seen every corner of this planet yet. In case you are traveling to a country that isn’t featured yet or have suggestions for places we need to add, please get in touch.

Bear in mind that the 1Place2Go country selection is regularly updated, so check back every time you plan a trip. To receive all updates free of charge right into your email inbox, subscribe to the B’n’Tree newsletters GROW.

Below the country list you will find additional travel hacks, such as our take on the best time to travel and our best travel and packing list hacks.


When To Visit Your 1Place2Go: The Best Time To Travel

‘Shoulder season’, as tourism professionals call it, is the time between high season and low season. It is a fantastic time to be on the road. Accommodation prices drop along with tourist numbers, yet the weather is often better than expected.

However, most places have their charm regardless of when you visit. A sunbath at the beach can be as enjoyable as dancing in the summer’s rain, and as the global climate changes it becomes increasingly unpredictable when to head where.

Ideally, try to avoid school holidays and public holidays wherever possible for a more intimate experience of the featured 1Place2Go.

Just Do It.

Apart from that: Just do it. Don’t let anyone tell you to not go because of the season. In fact, weather in the low season usually beats expectations for one simple reason: The low expectations. Everybody expects great weather in high season, nobody does in the low season. Beating high expectations is hard, beating low ones is easy.

Hacks and Tricks:

Preparing your trip

• Compare flights, book your beds and research excursions with B’n’Tree. We plant trees for you while you travel – for free.

• Read up on visa and vaccination requirements.

• Join dedicated Facebook groups to ask for inside knowledge about your destination.

• Should you desire to travel longer or even full-time, create a website in 2 simple steps and learn how to make money online.

Your 1Place2Go Packing List:

Crucial Items:

• Upload a photo or copy of your passport and other important documents to the cloud (e.g. as attachments to an email draft)

• Take at least two credit cards, ideally different types (e.g. Master Card and Visa).

• Always have a handful of US dollars or Euros on you as cash reserve.

Nice To Have Items:

• Pack at least one ‘social item’, such as dice, a deck of cards, a frisbee or similar. It will make getting in touch with locals and fellow travelers a lot easier.

• Pack one ‘learning item’, such as a dictionary, juggling balls or a Rubik’s cube. Take only one, otherwise it becomes overwhelming.

• Take one good book with you. Most accommodation providers and cafes have book exchange shelves.

Travel light. For warmer destinations hand luggage suffices. You can always wash your clothes or buy missing items. Less than 10kg total deserves an award.

Head lamp. One never knows when the power cuts (or maybe you’ll find yourself in places with no power to start with).

• Take postcards from your home. Same as you want to see and learn about other people’s homes, they want to learn about yours. Post cards are an ideal gift for lovely locals you meet along the way: You can write a personal dedication and your contact details on them. And they don’t have an actual value, so they don’t foster a begging culture (e.g. amongst children).

Download the Green Travel Guide spreadsheet. It contains over 100 tips to make your travels more sustainable. And it’s completely free of charge for you.

While You Travel:

• Please travel responsibly. It’s not that hard.

• When traveling for recreation, commit to spending as little time in front of a screen as possible. Track your everyday screen time with RescueTime (free) and commit to half that while traveling.

Commit to a challenge for the duration of your journey, such as Not Using Single-Use Plastic, Laughing More or Saying Yes More. Wear a wristband dedicated to nothing else but reminding you of your challenge.

• Tell people you meet and hotels you stay in about B’n’Tree.

• Send us a postcard.

After Your Travels:

  • Help make the world a better place by sharing best green practices for hotels with all the places you stayed at.
  • Plant another tree on Click A Tree.
  • Email us your feedback about the 1Place2Go you visited, including your two favorite photos. Was it worth it? Do you have further recommendations and insights for other travelers?
  • Start forging further plans – and book with B’n’Tree.

What’s Your Favorite 1Place2Go?

Please don’t be shy. If your favorite 1Place2Go isn’t on the list or you have any other feedback you’d like to share with us, please share it on our social network channels, so everyone can profit from your knowledge. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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