The 4-Win Formula: How Everyone Benefits From a Partnership with Click A Tree

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Bringing tree planting into everyday life is our mission. To succeed with this mission we have created a system in which not only the planet wins but everyone involved wins as well. 

Because if we want to save the planet, we have to do it in a way that benefits everyone: you, your clients, us and obviously the planet as well.

Curious how sustainability can be profitable? And can everyone TRULY benefit from a partnership with Click A Tree? What’s the real deal? 

Let’s unveil our secret not-so-secret 4-win formula.

The 4-Win Formula: How Everyone Benefits From a Partnership with Click A Tree1

1. Our Partners Win New Clients and Media Attention

Sustainable engagement is an important purchasing factor these days. Planting trees for each product sold wins new clients, strengthens customer relationships and increases revenues for our partners.

But this concept doesn’t only catch the attention of individual customers, the media loves it as well! Our partners have experienced one awesome headline after another. Don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself in this 2-minute case study about a sushi restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany.

The 4-Win Formula: How Everyone Benefits From a Partnership with Click A Tree2

The restaurant increased their revenue by 22% (during a pandemic where everyone was on lockdown) and won the attention of popular German magazines such as Prinz and Geheimtipp Stuttgart.

Planting trees for every product or service sold, delivers a fresh perspective to saving the planet, you’re bringing forest creation into everyday life while simultaneously making money. 

Let’s talk about what’s so special about it and why your clients will love buying from you!

2. Your Clients Win By Buying Something They Love And Doing Good

Let’s be honest, we’re all quite busy and even though we want to save the planet, our life’s responsibilities often get in the way. If you can offer your customers a way to do something good while not adding to their to do list, then they will LOVE you for it.

When you partner with Click A Tree, your customers can buy something they love while also planting trees with Click A Tree and supporting 16 of the 17 SDGs by the UN.

Sustainable Development Goals and Click A Tree

So, your clients can do all those good deeds simply by buying from you! How good is that? 

Sounds like a win-win!

Want to know more already? Great, simply click on the button below and send us this pre-written email.

3. We Succeed on Our Mission

Our mission is to bring forest creation into everyday life. And we can only do that if we work together with amazing companies that want to do something good for the planet.

With the current deforestation rate, there is a lot of room to plant more trees. So, if we can make tree planting as easy as possible and combine it with your products or services then we will be successful with our mission.

But let’s not forget the people who take care of our trees. At Click A Tree we have created a system where everyone wins and that includes our colleagues at the tree planting locations as well. 

The 4-Win Formula: How Everyone Benefits From a Partnership with Click A Tree3

As a pro-profit company we only work with full-time workers from local communities and therefore alleviate poverty in countries that are less fortunate.

And as we are doing this for the planet, here is the last part of our 4-win formula: Our planet.

4. Our Planet 

Here is the brutal and sad truth: climate change is real and deforestation is happening at an eye-watering level. 

Trees play an important role in helping fight climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air. Simply put: we need trees to live. 

The 4-Win Formula: How Everyone Benefits From a Partnership with Click A Tree5

But we’re not the only ones who need trees to survive. With the current rate of deforestation, animals are also losing their homes, for some species this even leads to extinction. If you plant trees, you also create animal habitat.

Want to know more about how trees can save our planet? This article about the Twentrees will explain it all.

The 4-Win Formula: How Everyone Benefits From a Partnership with Click A Tree4

Liked what you read so far? Then keep reading, because you’re about to find out how easy it is for you to partner with us and benefit from the 4-win formula.

How A Partnership With Click A Tree Works

In the simplest case, you choose a product and calculate the costs for one tree into your sales prices. Alternatives include one tree per 2/5/8… products or similar.

At the end of each quarter, you inform us how many trees you’d like us to plant, cover the costs and we’ll start planting.

The 4-Win Formula: How Everyone Benefits From a Partnership with Click A Tree6
B'n'Tree Travel and Tree Planting for Hotels
Mangrove Trees Philippines Click A Tree

In return, we send you tailor-made marketing material such as photos, videos, GPS coordinates and success stories from the planting teams, which you can use to inform your clients of your green engagement. As well as certificates of the number of trees you have planted together with your customers.

Let’s do it together

Our 4-win formula made it possible for us to plant over 100.000 trees already. And we are nowhere near stopping! Our goal is to plant billions of trees and with your help we can make this possible!

The 4-Win Formula: How Everyone Benefits From a Partnership with Click A Tree7

If you have a business selling a product or service then send us this pre-written email (simply click on the button below and the email will open up) and start the conversation. 

It doesn’t get easier than this. Let’s partner and hit those win-win-win-wins together!

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