The Click A tree Affiliate Program:

Get paid for saving the planet

We pay you for letting us plant trees

We Plant Trees. You Get Paid.

The Click A Tree Affiliate Partner Program lets you green the world and your wallet. We pay you for letting us plant trees!

For every tree we sell thanks to your support we pay you a handsome commission. The more trees you initiate, the more money you earn.

Participation is free, safe and easy.

“Brilliant side income with feel-good-factor.”
Jeff, Nature Lover

Join Today In 3 Easy Steps

1. Create a ShareASale account

Create an account with our partner ShareASale. They will take care of tracking your sales and paying you out.

2. Sign Up To The Partner Program

Sign up for the Click A Tree Affiliate Partner Program on We accept most partners (see FAQ).

3. Make Money Immediately

Start promoting Click A Tree and earn money for every generated sale. The more you promote, the more you earn.

“No risk and no costs. Best way to save the planet!”

Tammy, Blogger

4 Reasons Why You Should Join

There are dozens of reasons why you should join the Click A Tree Affiliate Partner Program.

But we don’t want to bore you, so we only enlisted the top four.


Make Money Online

Earn money for every tree we sell thanks to your support. The more you promote the protection of our planet, the more money you earn.

Save Endangered Animals

Almost all land-based animals depend on trees for food and shelter. Give them somewhere to live and something to eat.

Create Valuable Jobs

Planting trees creates jobs for local communities in need. Help us alleviate poverty and make Earth a better place for everyone.

Fight Climate Change

Trees are the boss enemy for climate change. They absorb carbon dioxide, prevent soil erosion and restore water cycles. Climate change hates trees!

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How exactly does this work?

New To Affiliate Marketing? No worries. Here’s how it works.

When signing up for the Click A Tree Affiliate Partner Program, you receive a unique link to promote Click A Tree. For every sale we make that originated from your link we pay you a certain percentage of the sales price.

You can promote this link on your website, social networks, via email, WhatsApp or even in the offline world.

All your commission accumulates in your affiliate account until you meet the payment threshold – that’s when we send you your money.

In short, you are getting paid for making this world a better place. How cool is that?

What is the difference between the affiliate program and the business partner program?

Our business partner program targets companies of all sizes, which re-sell our trees at wholesale rates. Some sell trees directly to their clients, others work the costs of a tree into the sales prices of their products, and offer the tree as a added value to their customers. Hence they collect the money from their clients, keep their commission, and send us the rest so we can plant trees.

The affiliate partner program is more suitable for individuals, bloggers or online influencers. People with an audience, but no direct point of sales. In that case you direct clients to our website, we close the sale, and afterwards send you your commission.

How much does it cost to participate?

Participating in the Click A Tree Affiliate Partner Program is completely free of charge for you. Join us today! You have nothing to lose!

How much can I earn?

With the Click A Tree Affiliate Partner Program you earn 10% of all the revenue you generate. If your family, fans or followers buy 100 trees at 20 USD each, you generate 2,000 USD revenue, and hence earn 200 USD – and helped save the planet! How much better does life get?

With Click A Tree, there is no limit to how much you can earn. Every year, we lose about 15 billion trees to deforestation. Imagine you would reforest all those…

Is it ethical to get paid to plant trees?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, getting paid to plant trees is one of the most ethical things to get paid for. By doing so, you create jobs and habitat for endangered wildlife species – and fight climate change at the same time. How amazing is that?

Imagine more people would earn a living by saving the planet, then we wouldn’t face a climate crisis in the first place. So please do spread the word, tell everyone how awesome you are and what you are doing. Maybe more people would like to join our important cause.

Can you help me promote Click A Tree?

Yes, we certainly can. We will provide you with images and ideas as many as you need. Just let us know what you are after.

What is your cookie duration?

Our cookie duration is 30 days.

That means: If you promote Click A Tree to someone, but that person isn’t ready to buy quite yet – even if they buy up to two months later we still credit and pay you for your efforts! How cool is that?

Can everybody promote Click A Tree?

Promoting “Making The World A Better Place” is generally a great thing, and we’re happy about every partner willing to improve the planet with us.

We do, however, not work with partners promoting pornography, discrimination or other unethical stuff. Apart from that – we’re delighted to work with you!

“I can help save the planet from the comfort of my couch. Why wouldn’t I?”

Steph, Student

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