The Official B’n’Tree App: An App To Plant Trees With One Tap

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Many diligent tree-planters are looking for an app to plant trees, and many B’n’Tree users have asked us when the official B’n’Tree app will be released. Especially since planting trees with the Click A Tree tree-planting assistant cost nothing more but a single click of your mouse on your desktop computer, it’s time for an app that plants trees as well.

In a world where smartphones are ubiquitous, we understand people plan and book their holidays on their phone, on the go, wherever they are. And as nature lovers we want to make planting trees as simple as possible. So here it comes: Here is how to plant trees on the go by using B’n’Tree like an app. It takes one single tap.

Click a Tree App planting trees

Why You Need An App To Plant Trees

Planting trees is an extremely valuable task. You help fight climate change, create habitat for endangered animal species and and jobs for local communities.All of that by simply planting trees.

Now you could of course go ahead and plant a ton of trees yourself (which we highly encourage you to try – t’s fun!). However, wouldn’t it be convenient if there was an app to plant trees for you, and all you’d have to do is tap on your smartphone?

Luck you – because there is. Using B’n’Tree like an app let’s you plant trees without investing any effort, nor do you have to pay for those trees to be planted. Here’s a massive “Hoorray” to you from Boto, Mary and Japo, some of the diligent tree-planters that help bring your trees into the ground. Feel free to read their wonderful success story from Madagascar.

Planting Trees

How To Use B’n’Tree Like An App To Plant Trees

First things first: We haven’t built an actual app for B’n’Tree yet. Details on the why below. However, we created a way how you can use B’n’Tree like an app to plant trees on the go.

Simply speaking, this means adding a small icon on your phone’s home screen, so you have the B’n’Tree website at your disposal at the tap of your finger.

How To Install “The B’n’Tree App” On Your Phone’s Screen

Creating a shortcut to the B’n’Tree website takes one single tap. Here’s how:

Visit on your smartphone. A small text window slides in from below, reading “” – plus a button stating “ADD”.

Tap that “Add” button. And you’re done!

When returning to your phone’s home screen, you will find the B’n’Tree logo already making friends with all the other apps you have installed on your phone.

Pro Tip: Once you see the B’n’Tree logo, delete all logos of other booking apps from your home screen. (No need to delete the apps, just the home screen short cuts.) That way you’ll never forget again to begin your bookings via B’n’Tree.

Next time you think travel, tap the B’n’Tree logo. Select your favorite travel platform. Place your booking. Go travel.

We will then plant trees while you’re sweeping your business partners off their feet in your meetings. Or while you’re stretching your arms in that hammock, contemplating whether you should first opt for another ice-cold coconut or rather go straight to the massage parlor.

It’s like planting trees with an app – with one tap.

Note: Should the small text window not slide in for any reason, either try a different browser on your phone, or read how to create a bookmark for B’n’Tree (the ‘traditional’ way).

  App Users: Yes, you can use B’n’Tree with your booking platform apps. If you use e.g. the app: Visit Select You then get prompted to select whether you’d like to open on a website or in your app. You can select either – as long as your booking journey begins on, we will plant trees for you.

The Incredible Benefits Of Using B’n’Tree Like An App

The benefits of using B’n’Tree like an app are obvious. It saves you time – and the little icon ensures you won’t forget using B’n’Tree next time you think travel. Also, since it’s not a real app, it won’t annoy you with notifications or be plastered with ads. And no, you don’t have to pay for a premium version either. All our users are premium – because saving the world is a premium cause.

To our knowledge, this is the most efficient version of an app to plant trees with. Please drop us a comment if you know of any other apps that plant trees that simply.

Total effort invested: One extra tap of your finger.

Total money invested: Not a single extra Cent. B’n’Tree is completely free of charge for you.

Total result: At least one real tree planted for every booking you make, along with all its benefits: Work for local communities, food and shelter for exotic animals as well as active engagement against climate change. (You know the benefits of planting trees, right?)

In Short: Saving the Planet won’t get any easier nor cheaper than using B’n’Tree like an app.

Why There Is No Official B’n’Tree App (Yet)

For now, we have decided against building a B’n’Tree App for three main reasons:

  1. No Added Value: Apps should create added value for their users. B’n’Tree, in its simplest form, is a one-page website with various links to global booking platforms. We have consciously built the site to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Creating an app would not add any value to the website in its current form.
  2. Unnecessary Expense: We currently invest 100% of our profits into planting trees. Building a tree-planting app costs time and money, which both comes at the expense of the number of trees being planted.
  3. Maintenance Costs: The creation of an official B’n’Tree app to plant trees with is one thing – maintaining it is another. Again, this costs time and money, both of which we rather invest into planting more trees.
Planting Trees

Please Continue To Make B’n’Tree Better

What do you think about using B’n’Tree like an app to plant trees with? Cool right?

Cool enough to share with friends? Feel free – all it takes is one more tap.

And, of course, please keep those ideas of yours coming. We honestly appreciate your feedback, input and support!

Also, sign up for our newsletter (in case you haven’t already), so we can update you whenever we invent further hacks how to make saving mother Earth even easier for you. (Did you know? We currently plant one tree for every new newsletter subscriber. Just like that!)

Love, your B’n’Tree Team


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