April Cool: The Best Thing To Do On April First

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As Climate Change unfortunately is no April Fool’s prank, we turn April Fool into April Cool. On April First, let’s all plant at least one tree to help cool our planet!

Here are 3 ways how.

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Are you in? Here is how to plant a tree on April first to turn April Fool into April Cool!


Plant An April Cool Tree Yourself

Planting a tree is not exactly rocket science. Buy a sapling at your local tree nursery, dig a hole, plant the tree, water it. Done.

Just make sure you’re legally allowed to plant where you are planting.

And please do check back on your little sapling every now and then to ensure it grows into a beautiful, strong tree.

Michael Swoboda Planting Tree with B'n'Tree in Kenya for bedandtree

Let Others Plant Trees For You – For Free

Should you not have the time or a suitable location to plant a tree yourself, you can have others plant trees for you. Surprisingly this can even be done without paying a single Cent for it.

And that’s not an April Fool’s Joke. We have collected some of the simplest ways to plant trees for free. Choose the option that suits you best and plant that tree!

However, please remember that there are always costs involved with planting and nursing trees. The above-mentioned methods simply show ways how you can plant trees for free because someone else covers these costs. Please bear that in mind, and honor the people who do all the hard work that’s involved with planting trees.

Happy tree-planting Workers in India B'n'Tree bedandtree

Pay Someone To Plant An April Cool Tree For You

You can of course also pay someone to plant a tree for you. It’s as simple as clicking your mouse a few times to decide where you would like your tree to be planted.

How about planting a tree for tuskers? Or do you prefer planting trees for the seas?

Don’t hesitate. Our planet needs you. Remember, it’s April Cool today.

Thank You For Turning April Fool Into April Cool!

That’s it! Doing a good deed can be that simple. Thank you for making the world a better place by turning April Fool into April Cool!

One last favor to ask: Please do spread the word! The more trees we plant, the better. Share your thoughts in our Facebook Conversation about turning April Fool into April Cool, or discuss your views with our Instagram community.

Advanced: Please be advised that planting trees can be done any day of the year – no need to wait for next April first (which will most likely be one day after March 31 next year). Hence please save above links in your bookmarks, notepads, smartphones – and don’t forget to share them with your family and friends.

Thank you for caring. Thank you for being awesome. And thank you for being you. You rock.

Your Click A Tree team

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Hoorray! It’s April Cool again! May we plant some trees for you? Simply click on the image above to have us plant trees for you.


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