Arbor Day Countdown 2021, Day 15: Chicago Web Design

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As part of the Arbor Day Countdown 2021, today we proudly present Chicago Web and their special Arbor Day deal.

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What is Arbor Day?

Arbor Day is a day to celebrate trees. This year, it’s on April 30.

If you’d like to learn more, including 14 exciting ideas what to do on Arbor Day, take a look at the ultimate Arbor Day Guide.

But we know you came for the special Arbor Day Deal. So let’s focus on that.

Who is Chicago Web?

The Chicago Web Co. is a full-service Shopify web design agency helping companies bring their ideas to market.

They pride themselves on being Chicago’s top Shopify Experts, with hundreds of successful store launches.

And, of course, they can design your website, too – no matter where on the planet you are based. Here are some portfolio items to get you inspired.

Chicago Web is on a mission to deliver cutting-edge, supremely designed, and developed websites to their Client Partners at an industry-best price point.

They are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs of all types to launch their ideas efficiently by working with their technical team and employing agile and lean development and design practices.

They care deeply about the planet and creating a brand that gives back to nature. That is why they plant 10 trees for every new client!

Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact. 

Hence your new website sends you a ton of clients – and makes our planet a better place at the same time! What’s not to like?

And to take it even further, today Chicago Web offers a super special Arbor Day deal:

Chicago Web Arbor Day Deal

Until Arbor Day (April 30), use coupon code CLICKATREE with your purchase at Chicago Web to receive:

20% off a new website build
+ 20 extra trees planted for each order placed
using the code CLICKATREE!

How good is that? Head over to their website right now and see what they have in store for you.

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Should your company plant trees, too?

Keen to join this noble circle of brands that plant trees?

Nothing easier than that. Simply send us this pre-written email today to discuss ideas and receive further information.

Since the email is pre-written, this literally takes 2 clicks.

Grand Arbor Day Giveaway – Enter Now!

If you love Chicago Web, make sure to sign up to our grand Arbor Day giveaway. You can win dozens of prizes worth thousands of dollars!

And yes, that includes a free logo design worth 499 USD from Chicago Web!

Over to you

What do you think of the Arbor Day Countdown? Which other company would you like an Arbor Day deal from?

Drop a comment below.

Tree Quote of the Day

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