Arbor Day Countdown 2021, Day 21: B’n’Tree – Trees for Travelers

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As part of the Arbor Day Countdown 2021, today we proudly present our travel brand B’n’Tree and their special Arbor Day deal.

Arbor Day Countdown 2021 Click A Tree B'n'Tree

What is Arbor Day?

Arbor Day is a day to celebrate trees. This year, it’s on April 30.

If you’d like to learn more, including 14 exciting ideas what to do on Arbor Day, take a look at the ultimate Arbor Day Guide.

But we know you came for the special Arbor Day Deal. So let’s focus on that.

Who is B’n’Tree?

The concept of B’n’Tree is as simple as it is powerful: Whenever you book a trip via one of their partner links, they plant a tree. For Free!

Your booking costs exactly the same. The tree is paid for from the marketing budget of the travel platform, instead of being invested into TV spots or Google Ads.

Sounds complicated? It isn’t. Take 90 seconds to look at this lovely, hand-drawn video – including a super cute baby elephant.

The beauty is: You don’t have to worry about anything. Simply begin your booking on and enjoy your journey – the B’n’Tree team takes care of planting and nursing your tree.

Participating partners include, Expedia, Skyscanner, agoda, Hostelworld and a whole lot of further well-known travel brands.

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar BnTree 2

That includes, of course, the Best Western Hotels, which already on Day 2 of our calendar made an exciting Arbor Day offer .

Arbor Day Countdown 2021 Click A Tree3

So whether you’re booking a hostel bed, a luxury 5-star suite, a flight or renting a car – each booking plants a tree, as long as you begin it on the B’n’Tree website. How good is that?

1909 Click A Tree planting trees in Ghana Sep19 Image 016

And if “free” isn’t enough, today B’n’Tree offers a super special Arbor Day deal:

B’n’Tree Arbor Day Deal

For every booking made before Arbor Day (April 30):

+ 1 bonus tree for each booking made
before April 30!

Ready to travel? Head over to B’n’Tree right now and place your booking. (And don’t forget to share photos from your trip in our Instagram.)

Note: Understandably, the trees will only be planted after your booking is finalized and paid for. That’s when B’n’Tree receives their remuneration from the travel partners, so that’s when they can start planting your trees.

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Should your company plant trees, too?

Keen to join this noble circle of brands that plant trees?

Nothing easier than that. Simply send us this pre-written email today to discuss ideas and receive further information.

Since the email is pre-written, this literally takes 2 clicks.

Grand Arbor Day Giveaway – Enter Now!

If you love B’n’Tree, make sure to sign up to our grand Arbor Day giveaway. You can win dozens of prizes worth thousands of dollars!

And yes, that includes amongst others a Best Western hotel voucher worth over 600 USD!

Over to you

What do you think of the Arbor Day Countdown? Which other company would you like an Arbor Day deal from?

Drop a comment below.

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