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The Arbor Day Countdown Calendar is like an Advent calendar – but for Arbor Day.

Every day you’ll unveil stunning cash-saving deals and special tree-planting offers e.g. for booking travels, buying fashion, food or software.

To top it all off, there’ll be a grand giveaway on Arbor Day itself, where you can win dozens of prizes worth thousands of dollars.
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Questions about the Arbor Day Countdown (ADC)?

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What is the Arbor Day Countdown (ADC)?

ADC is like an Advent calendar, but counting down to Arbor Day. (The US Arbor Day, since it is the most popular in the world.)

Starting from April 1, companies offer fantastic cash-saving deals and superb tree-planting specials each day until climaxing in a massive giveaway on Arbor Day.

Where does ADC come from – and why?

ADC was envisioned by Click A Tree in 2020, the first year of the Twentrees, to further push and support reforestation projects all across the globe.

The idea is to showcase how simple it is to plant trees. All you have to do is choose the right company when making a purchase.

Chris Kaiser, founder and CEO of Click A Tree, is often cited saying: “The Arbor Day Countdown essentially turns Arbor Day into Arbor Month. It helps to plant a lot of trees. And that’s exactly what our planet needs right now.”

Technically speaking, Chris is wrong. Our planet doesn’t need any more trees. It’s us humans who need these trees to save biodiversity – and with that our own species. But that’s a whole different story.

In short, one could say that the Arbor Day Countdown increases awareness for reforestation projects all across the globe, and hence helps to plant hundreds of thousands of new trees.

And since planting trees contributes to 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, planting more trees is definitely a good thing.

When does the ADC start?

The ADC is an annual event starting on April 1. Instead of April Fool, the ADC makes April Cool

Arbor Day is observed on different dates in different countries. In the US, National Arbor Day is on the last Friday of April.

As the exact date of Arbor Day varies, the length of the ADC also varies from year to year.

Who supports ADC?

ADC is backed and promoted by individuals and companies all across the globe.

The majority of these companies advocates reforestation project in one way or another, either actively managing reforestation projects, or supporting them e.g. by planting trees for every sold product.

However, there also is a growing number of companies and individuals supporting ADC simply because they understand the value and the importance of promoting reforestation projects.

Whichever side you belong to: Make a difference today and share this page now!

How can I make a difference?

No matter whether you have planted 100,000 trees or not one single one in your lifetime so far, today is a great day to do our planet (and hence yourself) a good deed.

Spread the word about Arbor Day and the Arbor Day Countdown. It is as simple as sharing this page with friends and family via social networks.

Feel free to use the hashtags #arbordaycountdown #adc21 #clickatree to show your support. (And for a chance of us re-sharing your post.)

Should you like to go one step further, contact your local news outlet, an online blogger you follow or a company you like buying from to make them aware of the ADC.

The more, the merrier.

Last but not least: Go ahead and plant a tree today!

Thanks to wonderful people like you Arbor Day becomes Arbor Month.

What's Arbor Day anyway?

Arbor Day is a day to celebrate forests and trees. Most countries across the globe have an Arbor Day, some even an entire Arbor Week.

To date, there is no international Arbor Day – most countries celebrate their Arbor Days on different dates.

In the US, Arbor Day is the last Friday of April. In Australia, Arbor Day is in June, in Canada in September (Maple Leaf Day) and in the UK in November.

For all details about Arbor Day plus exciting inspiration how to celebrate it read the ultimate guide to Arbor Day.

Who invented Arbor Day?

Legend has it that Arbor Day was invented by Julius Sterling Morton in Nebraska City (USA) back in 1872 already.

However, if you read the Arbor Day guide thoroughly, you know that Arbor Day is much, much older than that – and wasn’t even invented in the US.

Today, almost every country in the world has a dedicated Arbor Day, or even an Arbor Week. Unfortunately, there is no universal global Arbor Day quite yet.

With the Arbor Day Countdown, we’re aiming to change that. Of course, every country can have its own Arbor Day.

In addition, we need a global Arbor Day. Or, better yet, an Arbor Month.

Help make that vision a reality by sharing this page wide and far. The more people enjoy the Arbor Day Countdown, the better.

Why does Arbor Day matter?

Arbor Day matters because it raises awareness about the critical state of forests across the globe.

As you know, trees are vital to human survival, hence we all need more trees. (If you didn’t know that: Here are 10 mind-blowing reasons why trees are so important.)

Arbor Day helps with that. And ADC turns Arbor Day into an Arbor Month – resulting in even more trees.

So make a difference today, and spread this article all across the web. The more people plant trees, the better.

Is planting a tree the ultimate solution to all our problems?

Planting trees, if done right, is extremely valuable to make our planet a better place. With Click A Tree, we’re currently supporting 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

But: A freshly planted tree does not substitute a 200-year-old rainforest giant that has been cut down. So, first and foremost, we need to conserve the nature we still have.

Secondly, we need to slow down our consumption. Carbon offsetting is good – but it’s even better to not emit any carbon in the first place.

And then, thirdly, let’s plant a massive ton of trees to a) make up for inevitable damage and b) to repair the damage we have already caused over the past decades.

So: Even though planting trees is not the ultimate solution to all our problems, it definitely is part of the solution.

Pro Tip: Make use of this knowledge and plant a tree right now!

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