Audience Award And 3rd Place At Startup Pitch Contest

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Fantastic news: B’n’Tree comes third out of 19 at yesterday’s Start-up BW elevator pitch at IHK Heilbronn-Franken. What’s more, the audience has judged B’n’Tree “Best Presentation” amongst the ten presenting startups, awarding B’n’Tree with the prestigious audience award.

Audience Award for B'n'Tree at Startup Pitch Event in Heilbronn on bedandtree 2

The annual startup bw elevator pitch contests are organized by Germany’s third biggest federal state, Baden-Württemberg, for the sixth time this year. Aim of the event is to promote and support innovative startups from South-West Germany.

Participants At The IHK Heilbronn Startup Event

The ten presenting contestants at the elevator pitch event in Heilbronn were:

  1. Nxtlvl
  2. Find your item GmbH
  3. LNTB GmbH – GastroPoints
  4. Memrange
  5. Flixcontrol
  6. OPLAPAL – Online-Plattform für Palettenlagerung
  7. AudiotexTour
  8. B’n’Tree
  9. ECOSPHERE Automation GmbH
  10. LeBaPave

These ten teams qualified for the finals by collecting the most votes out of all 19 competing startups.

Business ideas included startups on robotic, automation, an app to discover regional gastronomy and caretaking of the elderly, just to name a few. Every participating team had three minutes to present their startup, then another three minutes to answer the jury’s questions.

Alle Teilnehmer des startup bw elevator pitches in Heilbronn - rs

The excited participants of the startup bw elevator pitch in Heilbronn 2019. Front row shows the three winners, OPLAPAL, Audiotextours and B’n’Tree (from left to right).

Overall Winnes And The Audience Award

The expert jury, consisting of five experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, voted Audiotextours and OPLAPAL to rank first and second. The jury judged on basis of numerous factors, such as business model, feasibility, scalability and presentation.

B’n’Tree secured the third rank and was in addition voted “best presentation” by the roughly 100 spectators of the event, adding the prestigious audience award to the list of trophies B’n’Tree has won since its inception in September 2018.

The audience award is given to the team judged as ‘most interesting presentation’ by everyone present. B’n’Tree secured this award by smashing and trampling down a cute little baby elephant on stage. (To all animal welfare enthusiasts out there: Relax. It was a candle.)

If you are aiming to win the startupbw’s audience award yourself, or are simply interested in what it takes to win over an audience, take a look at Chris’ 3-minute-presentation.

Videos, Photos, Thank You – And Stay Tuned

You can find more images of the event here. Furthermore, take a look and participate in the discussion about the event on Instagram and Facebook.

We kindly thank all our sensational supporters for voting us into the finals and for judging our presentation the best of the day.

You can find further information, also on the two winning startups, in the official German press release by federal state Baden-Württemberg.

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