BedAndTree Growth Report December 2018

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Our final growth report of the year: In December 2018, we planted 854 trees thanks to your sensational support. That is double as many trees as we planted in November 2018 with you! (And that besides not investing all December profits into tree-planting – more on that below.)

In total, that adds up to over 30,000 trees this world has gained so far thanks to wonderful people like you. Isn’t that fantastic news to start the New Year with?




7 of these trees were planted for new newsletter subscribers, and another 2 for newsletter subscribers who confirmed to have shared our brand-new B’n’Tree poster. That may not sound much, but for a small startup every support counts. Thank you for your support!

Join our inspiring nature-lovers community to have a free tree planted for yourself as well!

Where We Planted Trees For December

830 trees were planted in Madagascar. It remains our biggest project site to date, and things are going extremely well.

The remaining 24 trees were planted in California, which is still busy with the aftermath of the forest fires. 24 has two digits only, but it’s more than double as many as in our initial planting session last month. Let’s keep on growing together!

To see how many trees we have planted in total so far and where we planted them, please take a look at the B’n’Tree tree-planting world map.

Why We Didn’t Invest All Our December Profits Into Tree-Planting

As you know, we currently usually invest 100% of our profits into tree-planting. However, December was the first month when we decided to slice a small part off – and put it into a savings pot for a larger project.

This larger project will take place in February 2019 and will be bigger than anything B’n’Tree has ever created before. How big exactly depends on the developments (and, of course, your bookings) of the upcoming weeks.

We can’t share any further details right now, but you should definitely sign up for our newsletter to be kept in the loop.

The Brand-New B’n’Tree Posters

What’s more, this month we released our brand-new B’n’Tree poster. It looks a whole lot cooler than the last one, and we highly encourage you to print it out a couple of times and hang it up at your office, gym or favorite bar.

We even translated it into German! Please let us know about any spelling mistakes you find. (Germans love finding spelling mistakes.) Here is our very first B’n’Tree poster in German.

An Exciting New Partnership

Exciting news: Even Skyscanner recently joined B’n’Tree! This means you can now plant trees when booking flights as well.

Hence: Whenever you think travel, think B’n’Tree!

And please make sure your friends and family think the same. It neither costs you nor them a single Cent to plant trees when beginning your bookings on

Wherever you go: Begin your bookings on We plant trees for you – for free!

We wish you safe travels. And please stay awesome!


Your B’n’Tree Team

Thank you for being incredible! You rock!