BedAndTree Growth Report October 2018

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Unbelievable! Despite making September 2018 a new record already, in October you beat the stunning September results by over 10%!

Here’s a THANK YOU message from the B’n’Tree founder Chris Kaiser – including a free travel tip for you.


Why We Planted 9,115 Trees In October 2018

In total, you helped plant 9,115 trees this month! That’s almost 50% of what we have planted in the entire history of B’n’Tree so far! Hard to believe – yet true.

These trees were planted due to

  • 20 new newsletter subscribers
  • 89 survey participants in our October survey
  • 9,006 for bookings with our partners such as Booking, TripAdvisor and Expedia, thanks to you booking your hotels, flights and excursions with them

To see how many trees we have planted in total so far take a look at the B’n’Tree achievements.

Where We Will Planted These Trees

We will plant these trees as follows:

  • 5,000 trees are being planted in Kenya (Read more about reforesting Kenya – for free)
  • 4,026 trees we will plant in Madagascar
  • 89 trees mark the beginning of an exciting new project in India

To learn where in the world we have planted how many trees to date, please take a look at the B’n’Tree tree-planting world map.

An Exciting New Reforestation Project

We are delighted to report that we have begun to help reforest India this month. The trees will help re-establish a safe corridor for elephants and all other wildlife in the area. This new project is facilitated by our new partner Grow Trees.

November 2018: How To Beat A Record

To continue this sensational growth and make November the next record month, please share this website with your friends, family and co-workers to remind them of B’n’Tree. Wherever you go: When you book a bed, we plant a tree. It’s completely free for you and them to use.

It has never been so easy to plant trees while traveling. Make use of it. Plant real trees for free while you travel!

Furthermore, please do sign up for our newsletter, and encourage the top three nature lovers you know to do the same. It’s also free, super informative, and we show you multiple ways how you can plant a lot of trees from the comfort of your screen.

Thank you for being awesome! You rock!



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