B’n’Tree Merge With Click A Tree: More Ways To Plant Trees Than Ever Before

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Great news: B’n’Tree and Click A Tree have finally merged! Thanks to your support, this long-term plan became a reality – and much faster than we anticipated.

B’n’Tree will, of course, continue to help you make your travels more sustainable. And with Click A Tree you can make every other aspect of your life more sustainable as well. How good is that?

B'n'Tree Merge With Click A Tree: More Ways To Plant Trees Than Ever Before

What’s The Difference Between B’n’Tree and Click A Tree?

Confused about the difference between B’n’Tree and Click A Tree? No problem, we’re here to help. 

To keep it short: B’n’Tree is Click A Tree’s tourism brand. Click A Tree is the progression of B’n’Tree’s success. And that’s superb news for our planet!

All of this makes it easier for you, your friends and your business to get involved in planting trees around the world.



B’n’Tree was the beginning of Click A Tree. We launched the website in 2018 to help you make travel more sustainable. You could go explore the wonders of the world and plant valuable trees in the process – for free.

Today, your devotion to booking with B’n’Tree has helped to plant more than 100,000 trees so far.

Thanks to your fabulous support, we are now taking the B’n’Tree concept one step further and opening it up to new industries through Click A Tree.

Click A Tree

Click A Tree is our mother brand for planting trees. Merging B’n’Tree with Click A Tree makes B’n’Tree our tourism brand. Or, as we call it, Click A Tree for Travelers.

So B’n’Tree hasn’t disappeared. These days, you can find it under clickatree.com/travel.

This makes Click A Tree wider spread than just tourism. We now work with cosmetic companies, fashion brands, IT consultants, insurance companies, sushi restaurants… almost anybody can join in!

As with B’n’Tree, Click A Tree plants trees for you and your customers. But with Click A Tree, we’ve created way more options on how to do that in comparison with B’n’Tree.

Simple Sustainability With Click A Tree

Sustainability is simple with Click A Tree – it’s in the name. Planting trees doesn’t get any simpler than clicking your mouse. And that simplicity, of course, is possible in any industry, and available to anybody.

Want to gift somebody a tree for a birthday? What about a Christmas present? Or a wedding gift? Trees make for the perfect gift for any person on almost any occasion, after all.

Or, you can choose to become one of our business partners, and plant trees on behalf of your customers. Your business or enterprise can choose to plant trees in almost any way imaginable.

B'n'Tree Merge With Click A Tree: More Ways To Plant Trees Than Ever Before. Your business can plant trees in almost any way imaginable

Planting trees is a unique selling point for your business. It helps attract lots of new clients since people value sustainable practice while they consider their purchasing decisions.

Your brand becomes more sustainable, you receive personalized marketing material from us, and we plant new trees all over the world.

We ensure planting trees for your clients is super simple for you so that you can continue to focus on your core business. For most of our partners, we plant trees via email.

If you want your business or any other business you know to become more sustainable, then please get in touch!

Get Out There And Plant Trees With Click A Tree And B’n’Tree!

Our B’n’Tree and Click A Tree merge is fantastic news for everyone involved – most of all, for our planet Earth. It currently needs us more than ever before.

That’s where you come in.

Please keep spreading the word and please keep planting trees with us. There’s no easier way to plant a tree than by signing up for our newsletter GROW. 

Share your thoughts about the Click A Tree merge on Facebook and check out our Instagram page.

Thank you! You rock! And we wish you a sensational decade: the Twentrees.

The Twentrees: The Decade That Will Save Our Planet.

Keep helping us plant trees, and keep your eyes peeled for the next updates.


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