5 Reasons Why B’n’Tree Is No Online Tour Operator – And 1 Reason Why It Should Be

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B’n’Tree is the travel booking platform that plants trees – at no cost to you. Hence our slogan: you travel, we tree. For free! Importantly, at B’n’Tree we are no tour operator. Instead, we’re a travel booking platform.

Here is why we built B’n’Tree the way we did. Here is how and why you can plant trees for free when booking via bedandtree.com, as well as 5 reasons why we didn’t launch as a tree-planting online tour operator. Plus, 1 reason why maybe we should.

5 Reasons Why B'n'Tree Is No Tour Operator - and 1 Reason Why It Should Be

Why B’n’Tree Was Founded

There are a lot of online tour operators out there already. Booking, TripAdvisor, Expedia… you name it.

Unfortunately, none of the big names are planting trees yet. That’s why we founded B’n’Tree in September 2018: to finally create a travel platform – not a tour operator – that plants trees.

Trees are awesome for an awful lot of reasons. We can think of 10 – and you should check out 10 reasons why trees are awesome.

10 Reasons Why Trees Are Awesome

Most importantly, trees fight climate change, create habitats for endangered animal species and jobs for local communities. Three good deeds in one – all of which can be done with one single click of the mouse.

And, as we are the travel booking platform that plants trees for free, here is why you don’t have to pay a single penny to do those three good deeds.

How B’n’Tree Plants Trees For Free

To finance our operations, we partnered with the world’s largest online tour operators. They agreed to send us marketing remuneration for every paying client that we refer to them.

We also agreed that this remuneration shouldn’t make the booking price any more expensive, but rather be taken out of their marketing budget.

We don’t want you to pay for planting trees. We believe doing good (in this case in the form of planting trees) should be free and hence accessible for everyone.

Most of the big tour operators agreed for two main reasons: on the one hand, they get green marketing for their brand. On the other hand, they only pay us after we’ve referred actual paying clients to them. No money for them, no money for us.

They can’t lose.

To learn more, read here how B’n’Tree works.

Note to online tour operators: if you work for an online tour operator and would like to start planting trees for your clients (in order to make your operations more sustainable and attract more business), then please do get in touch with B’n’Tree.

5 Reasons Why B’n’Tree Didn’t Become An Online Tour Operator

We decided to partner with the world’s biggest players and decided against founding our own tree-planting online tour operator 5 key reasons.

Never Reinvent The Wheel

Firstly, the big players already exist. They have all their contracts and IT in place. Why should we reinvent the wheel? Developing our own travel booking engine and getting licensed as a tour operator would cost tens of thousands of euros. Euros we prefer to invest into planting trees.

Avoid Bureaucracy

Secondly, dealing with hundreds of thousands of hotel contracts would require a massive bureaucratic effort. This effort costs money, both for IT and for staff. Money that we’d rather invest into paying local communities in poor regions of the world fair salaries for planting trees for us.


Thirdly, it’s trust. Booking travel, similar to buying anything else online, requires a certain amount of trust. You entrust a company with your personal details as well as credit card details. Chances are, you already trust one of the big existing tour operators, since you have probably used their services before.

If we wanted to earn your trust, it would cost us a lot of time. Time we’d rather invest into nurturing and caring for our trees.


The fourth reason is habit. If you’re used to booking your hotels on booking.com, there is a very high chance you will continue to do so. So why try change your habits, if we can simply partner with your favorite online tour operator?

The only change of habits we ask you for is to always begin your bookings on bedandtree.com, not directly on your favorite travel booking platform’s website. But then you can still place your booking with your favorite tour operator, so hopefully that one extra mouse click isn’t too much to ask.


Most of all it’s impact. If we created our own travel booking engine, we would have to specialize in one area to begin with, such as hotel bookings.

The way B’n’Tree is set up, we can now plant free trees for you when booking hotel rooms – thanks to our partners. But we can also plant free trees when you book flights, cruises, car rentals, tours and everything else a decent trip entails.

The impact is a lot higher than if we tried to program our own travel booking engine.

1 Reason Why B’n’Tree Should Become An Online Tour Operator

The one reason why we should become an online tour operator is money. Running our own travel booking engine would pay us the money which, currently, our partners get to keep. And that’s not exactly little money.

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Should we program our own travel booking engine? If yes, which direction should we specialize in?

Or should we keep B’n’Tree as simple and multifunctional as it is?

Drop your opinion in the comments below or join our Facebook discussion on turning B’n’Tree into a tree-planting online tour operator.

Last but not least: sign up for our newsletter GROW. That way, you won’t miss out on how B’n’Tree further develops.

Thanks for all your support so far. And keep your eyes peeled for the next article coming your way!


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