The Click A Tree Wholesale Partner Program:

Let Your Clients Help Save The Planet


Go Green To Attract More Business!


“Growing business never felt so good!”

Steve, Product Manager

We Grow. You Grow.

Sustainability is the buzzword of the decade.

The Click A Tree Business Partner Program lets you green the world and grow your business. What’s not to like?

Convince your clients to purchase trees whenever they shop with you. Show them you care about this planet. They will love you even more than they do already.

We take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business while we grow trees.

“For every journey we sell we sell a tree as well. Carbon offsetting has never been easier.”

Sam, Travel Company

4 Reasons Why You Should Join

There are dozens of reasons why you should join the Click A Tree Business Partner Program.

But we don’t want to bore you, so we only enlisted the top four.


Make More Money

Earn more money by adding a margin on top of your trees’ wholesale price. And by growing your business with green marketing.

Save Endangered Animals

Almost all land-based animals depend on trees for food and shelter. Your trees give them somewhere to live and something to eat.

Create Valuable Jobs

Planting trees creates jobs for local communities in need. Help us alleviate poverty and make our planet a better place for everyone.

Fight Climate Change

Trees are the boss enemy for climate change. They absorb carbon dioxide, prevent soil erosion and restore water cycles. Climate change hates trees!

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For every subscriber we plant one tree – for free!

No spam. No costs. No worries.

Which Industries Can Join?

Quite frankly, any industry can join. (Bar those few exceptions mentioned in the FAQ.)

Here we have only listed a few examples of who can participate in the Click A Tree Business Partner Program.

If you’re unsure, simply shoot us an email, and we’ll discuss your personal needs.


Travel And Transport

Selling Travel and Transport? Brilliant. Click A Tree offers the perfect solution to offset travel-generated carbon emissions.

Accommodation And Lodging

Offering beds to sleep in? Wonderful. Plant trees for your guests to never have them forget their stay with you.

Events And Occassions

Organizing events for special occassions? How about trees for wedding guests? Let the love grow – literally!

Anything Else?

Whatever you sell – why not sell a tree with it? It’s the most ethical, planet-protecting upsell you (and your clients) can wish for.

“This is the closest it gets to having money grow on trees.”

Jairo, Animal Lover

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does this work?

New to wholesaling trees? No worries. Here’s how it works.

In case you are accepted to the Click A Tree Business Partner Program, we offer you a wholesale rate for our trees. You can either plant trees for your clients without charging them for it, or sell trees to them. Should you choose the latter, you can do so at the wholesale price, or add a profit margin. Hence you can even make money by saving the planet!

Conditions are negotiated once your application has been accepted, including the net rate and payment conditions.

What is the difference between the affiliate partner program and the business partner program?

Our business partner program targets companies of all sizes, which re-sell our trees at wholesale rates. Some sell trees directly to their clients, others work the costs of a tree into the sales prices of their products, and offer the tree as a added value to their customers. Hence they collect the money from their clients, keep their commission, and send us the rest so we can plant trees.

Our affiliate partner program is more suitable for individuals, bloggers or online influencers. People with an audience, but no direct point of sales. In that case you direct clients to our website, we close the sale, and afterwards send you your commission.

Who should I sell trees to?

You can sell trees to all your clients and customers. Either you automatically include the costs for one tree in your sales price or offer your clients to pay a little extra for having a tree planted for them.

You can also plant one tree per ten clients, or only for clients buying a certain product, or for their birthday, when they subscribe to their newsletter, shopped for a second time with you or anything else.

Planting trees is always a great idea, since it fights climate change, creates habitat for endangered animal species and jobs for local communities. We highly recommend you to do it – and to do it often!

How much does it cost to participate?

Participating in the Click A Tree Business Partner Program is completely free of charge for you. After your successful application, we agree on the conditions and discuss payment terms and frequency. You could send payments monthly or quarterly or once per year, whatever you find easiest.

Usually payments are flexible, so if you don’t sell any trees, you don’t have to pay us anything – in which case we won’t plant any trees either.

How much can I earn?

With the Click A Tree Business Partner Program you can earn as much as you like. Once we agreed on a wholesale price, feel free to add a margin as little or as high as you like. We highly recommend to stick to our tried and tested website sales rates, but we fully understand that your clients may want to purchas trees at a different price.

With Click A Tree, there is no limit to how much you can earn. Every year, we lose about 15 billion trees to deforestation. Imagine you would reforest all those…

Can you help me promote planting trees?

Yes, we certainly can. We will provide you with images and ideas as many as you need. Just let us know what you are after.

Can everybody join the Click A Tree Business Partner Program?

Promoting “Making The World A Better Place” is generally a great thing, and we’re happy about every partner willing to improve the planet with us.

We do, however, not work with partners promoting pornography, discrimination or other unethical stuff. Apart from that – we’re delighted to work with you! Simply get in touch, and we’ll take it from there.

“My clients absolutely love doing something good when shopping at my store.”

Thomas, Grocery Store Owner

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