Business Traveller Interview: A Future for Elephants

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This month we’re big in the Netherlands! Chris has been speaking to not one, but two different travel magazines about sustainable travel, creating new habitats for endangered species and the vision for all of us here at B’n’Tree. First off, we spoke to Business Traveller Netherlands.

Business Traveller Netherlands

Chris spoke to Business Traveller Netherlands about green travel and the role that tree-planting plays. Business Traveller is an international travel magazine with 13 versions spread throughout the world. It captures all the latest news and developments of the business travel world, and we’re delighted to feature in July/August 2019’s release.

B'n'Tree speak to Business Traveller, Netherlands interview lead image

Business travel is often an ignored form of travel when it comes to sustainability. However, business travellers are on the road far more frequently than the rest of us. Their contribution to green travel – and especially to planting trees – can be huge. 

At B’n’Tree we complement the business travel industry perfectly. We plant one tree for every booking made via our page. Imagine how frequently business travellers are booking accommodation and other travel services? We recently announced new partnerships with hotel chains too. While you’re on business, why not stay with Koncept Hotels? They’ll plant a tree while you sleep.

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Whether it’s flights or accommodation, begin your booking on our page and we’ll receive funding for new trees. It’s as simple as that.

Check out the full article to find out what else Chris had to say. Alternatively, you can find the article by clicking on the images below. All of our Netherlands-based readers will be delighted to find the excerpt is fully in Dutch. For the rest of us, a simple Google Translation will help.

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Like we mentioned earlier, after speaking with Business Traveller Chris also spoke to another leading magazine in the Dutch travel industry. You can find out which trade magazine features us on a two-page spread!


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