5 ½ Sustainable Christmas Tree Alternatives: How To Make Your Christmas Tree Eco-Friendly

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Is there such a thing as a sustainable Christmas tree? Are artificial trees bad news? Are actual Christmas trees the solution? Or do you have to build your own tree instead?

Here’s everything you always wanted to know about sustainable Christmas tree alternatives.

Sustainable Christmas Tree Eco Friendly Christmas

It’s December already! Get your sustainable Christmas tree organized, start decorating, and get yourself in the festive mood. You can start planning presents, open up the eggnog, start… huh? Unsure what exactly “sustainable Christmas tree” entails?

Perfect! You’re in the right place! We’re going to tell you all about the 5 most eco-friendly Christmas tree options ranked from top to bottom, from head to mistletoe.

1. Christmas Trees Are Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive

Sustainable Christmas Tree Eco Friendly Christmas

This is by far your most sustainable Christmas tree option – simply selecting a live Christmas tree to call your own. And one that would make the Bee Gees proud too.

Choose a tree on your street, or a tree in local woodlands and elect it as your own family Christmas tree this year.

Everybody can contribute (including your neighbors, of course), and it’s a peaceful way to bring your family together, adding some cool decorations to your very own, specially-selected live tree.

Take some (eco-friendly) ornaments along and give your tree some style over the festive period (but only if you promise to remove them properly after Christmas is over!)

First step to realize Sustainable Christmas tree alternative #1: take a stroll along your street or through a nearby forest and look for suitable trees. Then think up a cool name for your Christmas tree. “Let’s visit Streeve.” sounds awesome and makes Streeve immediately part of your family.

2. Enjoy Your Community Christmas Tree

Sustainable Christmas Tree Eco Friendly Christmas

No Christmas tree woodlands nearby? Not even any on your street? Not to worry. Another eco-friendly Christmas tree option is your local community one.

Let’s be honest, your local Christmas tree is probably rather large and very impressive. A lot of money has already been spent on the decorations, and there might even be a Christmas market to enjoy nearby as well.

Sip back some mulled wine, and keep a watchful eye for a sleigh in the sky. Can you feel Santa’s presents? On second thought, maybe you’ve had enough of the wine…

First step to realize Sustainable Christmas tree alternative #2: check out your local community Christmas tree.

3. Why Not Rent A Tree?

Sustainable Christmas Tree Eco Friendly Christmas Rent a Tree

We’ve still got a few more Christmas tree alternatives for you. Next up in the sustainable Christmas tree list: Give a tree a home this festive period.

Sometimes, Christmas trees are only for Christmas. Pick your favorite, give it all the love and care it needs for 4-5 weeks, then give it back!

Renting a Christmas tree for the festive period is a super-sustainable option, and you still get to enjoy having a real tree inside your home.

Give the tree back, watch it get re-planted, and then come back next year for more.

The best of both worlds for you and for Mother Earth.

First step to realize Sustainable Christmas tree alternative #3: use Google (or, even better, WWF Panda Search) to search “rent a Christmas tree in [your area]. (Should there be absolutely zero results, pitch the idea to a nearby startup hub. It’s big business – and an idea that grows heavily year-on-year.

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4. #DIY Your Christmas Tree

One of the latest social media trends is to DIY your own Christmas tree with items and materials you already have around the house. We’re a big fan! And it’s amazing to see how creative we can all be (or just how crazy lockdown has made us become…)

You can build a sustainable Christmas tree with the basics, like cardboard. But what about egg cartons? Ladders? Tripods? Books? You can recycle and reuse anything!

It’s a super fun and unique way to build your own Christmas tree – especially with little ones. (“But mommmm, I’m only 34…”)

First step to realize Sustainable Christmas tree alternative #4: check out #diychristmastree for some inspiration and start gathering materials around the house.

5. An Artificial Christmas Tree

Sustainable Christmas Tree Eco Friendly Christmas Rent a Tree Artificial

Good things come to those who debate! Even today, there’s still lots of debate and discussion about what’s the more sustainable Christmas tree option – a real tree? Or an artificial tree?

The truth is that it’s very difficult to clarify. Different studies suggest one needs to use an artificial Christmas tree between 4-20 years to make it more eco-friendly than a classic Christmas tree – that’s how much the numbers vary.

Comparing the carbon footprint of an artificial tree to the footprint of a real tree is complicated.

A study on the topic by PE Americas comprises over 100 pages – just so you know how complex the topic is. 

But in short: It’s fair to say that artificial trees aren’t the most sustainable option – that’s why the artificial Christmas tree is only the 5th listed eco-friendly alternative.

But if you’re using one, make sure that it lasts for decades. Try to buy one that’s ethically produced too. That way it’s a special kind of chemis-tree.

First step to realize Sustainable Christmas tree alternative #5: check the carbon footprint of your artificial tree, and commit to using it for many years to come.

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5 ½. But What About Completely Normal Christmas Trees?

Sustainable Christmas Tree Eco Friendly Christmas

If none of these cool sustainable Christmas trees alternatives is for you, you can of course still have your normal Christmas tree as well. But please, buy from a responsible farm, and make sure to ask about their reforestation projects.

It’s the least sustainable option since, unfortunately, it ends the tree’s life.

Yes, we hear you. You’re only ending the life of one tree. But multiply that one tree by 26 million American households that think the same way¹.

 Christmas cuts down entire forests – one tree at a time.

But you can at least partially make up for that by… you guessed it – planting a tree with Click A Tree!

Since you’ve got your very own tree in your living room, why not plant one somewhere in the world to replace it? Or better yet – plant two?

Christmas is a pretty big deal in Ghana too. And when you plant a tree there, it helps fund a local entrepreneurship school, where young people are educated for another year. How great is that for a Christmas gift?

First step to realize Sustainable Christmas tree alternative #5 ½: Plant a tree in Ghana right now.

Have A Treemendous Christmas From Click A Tree

Whatever you decide to do this year (and whatever’s on your Christmas list), plant a real tree. Your tree makes an amazing difference around the world and Christmas is the best time to help spread the festive cheer globally.

Trees make for an awesome eco-friendly gift – just like 14 of the other sustainable gifts we put together for you here.

Tag us on Instagram when you post your own Christmas tree, and join in with our Facebook conversations about the most eco-friendly Christmas tree.

Take care, and have a phenomenal festive period! From the Click A Tree team.


¹ https://www.statista.com/statistics/209249/purchase-figures-for-real-and-fake-christmas-trees-in-the-us/#:~:text=The%20sales%20figures%20from%20the,26.2%20million%20real%20Christmas%20trees.


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