Click A Tree for Business:

We make your company more
sustainable – and more profitable

Planting trees for your clients, your partners and your employees perfectly reflect your growth-oriented mindset.

Trees are excellent value add-ons, marketing tools as well as remarkable birthday, Christmas or just-because-gifts.

Click A Tree makes planting trees for your business sensationally simple, since we take care of everything.

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More Money by Planting Trees: A 2-Minute Case Study

Click A Tree planting trees for business to make sustainability simple on clickatree

Does planting trees really increase revenue?

You bet it does.

One of our partners, I Love Sushi, proved it best. They created a dedicated sushi roll, the “TreeRoll”, to test the waters.

The sale of the TreeRoll increased fivefold in 2020 – despite the COVID-19 crisis. In the first half of 2021 the numbers have not decreased, 75% of the sales figures of the previous year have already been achieved.

It’s the best proof that people want to support green engagement. And they’ll love you if you make it simple for them.

Why choose Click A Tree to help make your business more sustainable?

  1. We’re focused on making sustainability not just simple, but also profitable.
  2. We created the first wholesale program for mass-tree plantings.
  3. We offer you a simple one-stop, all-inclusive solution, so you can focus on your core business.

How does it work?

1. We plant trees for you

Per client, per booking, per subscription or per sold product. We offer you generous wholesale rates for this.

2. You increase your revenue

Sustainable engagement matters to a huge number of people. We help you promote the trees you plant to win new clients. It works: Short case study above.

3. Plant more trees for profit

In addition to the trees included in your sales prices, you sell trees as upsell to your clients – you determine prices and profits.

» You reforest the planet and earn money with it! «

4 reasons why you should join

There are dozens of reasons why you should join the Click A Tree for Business Program.
But we don’t want to bore you, so we’ve only listed the top four.


Increase your revenue

Sustainable engagement is a huge decision-making factor to modern consumers. We help you increase your revenues by attracting eco-aware clients.

Save endangered animals

Almost all land-based animals depend on trees for food and shelter. Give them somewhere to live and something to eat.

Create valuable jobs

Planting trees creates jobs for local communities in need. Help us alleviate poverty and make Earth a better place for everyone.

Fight climate change

Trees are the boss enemy for climate change. They absorb carbon dioxide, prevent soil erosion and restore water cycles. Climate change hates trees!

Partner Feedback

Portrait Stefan Matthiessen Koncept Hotels as Testimonial for the Click A Tree Business Partner Program

Stefan Matthiessen, Koncept Hotels

“With Koncept Hotels we already contribute to several valuable causes, such as Goldeimer and the Neven Subotic foundation.

However, Click A Tree are the first to create tailor-made marketing material for us. We are incredibly proud to see our logo on the images. It makes us realize even more what kind of fantastic impact we have on other people’s lives – and the Click A Tree teams makes it so simple for us to participate.

Needless to say our clients love the images as well, as it directly shows them what they affect with their hotel booking. Bookings constantly increased since we started planting trees with Click A Tree [up until Covid-19 hit the tourism industry].”

How does Click A Tree help to make your business more sustainable?

  1. We plant trees for you. Reliably and transparently.
  2. We create first-class, personalized marketing material for you.
  3. We offer you all of our marketing and sales expertise on how to promote your green engagement most profitably.

What’s in it for you

1. Make money by planting trees

Planting trees increases your revenues by attracting new clients and keeping existing clients for longer. It helps you make more money while saving our planet.

2. Get first class marketing material

We create first-class, personalized marketing material for you – highly valuable both for internal and external communications.

3. Become more sustainable

You and your company become even more sustainable – a super important purchasing factor when it comes to decision making of modern clients.

» More revenue, more clients, and you help save the planet! «

Why trees? The climate and social perspective.

1. Trees fight climate change

Trees absorb CO2, create oxygen, restore water cycles, prevent soil erosion and so much more.

2. Create habitat for animals

Almost all land-based animals rely on trees as habitat. Trees offer shelter and food. No trees = no home.

3. Create full-time jobs and income

Planting trees creates full-time incomes for local communities in less fortunate regions of our planet. 

» Trees are the wisest way to save our planet. «

Why trees? The marketing perspective.

1. Trees are tangible

Every human knows what a tree is and what it looks like. “We plant one tree for you” is a tangible marketing promise.

2. Trees are photogenic

Both trees and the act of planting them make for excellent marketing material – which helps you attract more business.

3. Trees grow old

Because of their long lives, trees are ideal for long-term marketing campaigns and customer retention.


How exactly does Click A Tree for Business work?

In the  simplest case, you calculate the costs for one tree in your sales prices. Alternatives include one tree per specific product, or one tree per 10 sold products or similar.

At the end of each month, quarter or year, you inform us how many trees you’d like us to plant, cover the costs and we get to work.

In return, we send your tailor-made marketing material such as photos, videos, GPS coordinates and success stories from the planting teams, which you can use to communicate your green engagement both internally and externally.

More sophisticated solutions could include website integrations or similar, but we always prefer to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.

After all, we want to help you get greener and make more profits as simply and quickly as possible, so you can continue to focus on your core business.

What's included in your sales prices?

To make your life as easy as possible, our sales prices include everything you can wish for:

  • Seeds, planting and survival guarantee for the critical first years. Dead trees are replanted at no additional cost.
  • Bureaucracy (land papers, planting permits, organisation and transport of seeds and planting events…)
  • Labor Costs: We pay local communities in less fortunate regions fair salaries both to plant and to take care of the trees.
  • Marketing Material: Personalized images and videos, GPS coordinates, success stories from planting teams…
  • Constant promotion of our cooperation via Click A Tree on our website and social media channels, on trade fairs, in interviews…
How much does it cost to participate?

Participating in the Click A Tree for Business Program is completely free of charge for you.

There are no minimum planting numbers, no fixed fees, no contract you’re locked in to or anything else.

We only charge per tree, so every Euro you invest yields returns both for you and our planet.

Get in touch with us today! You have nothing to lose.

Are there any limits?

Almost none. You can plant as many trees as you like.

The only limit is the maximum capacity of possible tree plantings on our planet. Scientists estimate this number to be around 3 trillion at the moment. On top of that we currently lose about 15 billion trees every year to deforestation.

Hence there’s a huge need for reforestation…

Is it ethical to get paid to plant trees?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, getting paid to plant trees is one of the most ethical things to get paid for. By doing so, you create jobs and habitat for endangered wildlife species – and fight climate change at the same time. How amazing is that?

Imagine more people would earn a living by saving the planet, then we wouldn’t face a climate crisis in the first place.

So please do spread the word, tell everyone how awesome you are and what you are doing.

There are more people who would like to join our important cause. You just need to let them know about it.

Can you help me promote my cooperation with Click A Tree?

Yes, we certainly can. And we certainly do. Because your success is our success.

We will provide you with tailor-made marketing material and bespoke marketing ideas – as many as you need. Just let us know what you are after.

We also help our partners promote their green engagement. We have a vast network of nature lovers who will love discovering that you’re planting trees now as well.

We know that the better you can market your sustainable efforts, the more money you will make, and hence the more trees you will plant with us. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Can everybody plant trees with Click A Tree?

Promoting “Making The World A Better Place” is generally a great thing, and we’re happy about every partner willing to improve the planet with us.

We do, however, not work with partners promoting pornography, discrimination or other unethical stuff. Apart from that – we’re delighted to work with you!

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