16 Seriously Cool Sustainable Gifts for 2021 (Even For The People That Already Have Everything)

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Whether it’s an upcoming ‘bearthday’,Christmas, an anniversary, or any old excuse to be a treemendous friend, you’ll be scouring the internet searching for the best sustainable gifts in the world. Relax. Put your feet up. We’ve done all the hard work for you already.

We’ve pulled together our 16 favorite guilt-free gift ideas. They’re all super sustainable and they’re sure to make everyone’s day – even the ones that are forever saying they don’t need anything. Importantly, these sustainable presents make our planet happy at the same time.

Want in on the action? Desperate for more of our terrible puns? Or do you just want to get to the good bit already? We don’t blame you! Here’s all the inspiration you need.

19 Serioursly Cool Sustainable and eco-friendly gifts by Click A Tree

Sustainable Gifts That Are Perfect For Everyone

Everyone loves having something to unwrap (with environmentally friendly packaging, right? Right…?) on a special day. Here are 8 environmentally friendly gifts that are sure to do the trick.

1. Hydroponic Herb Gardens

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Herb Garden

Do you know somebody that loves growing plants? Matt Malouf certainly does, and this eco-friendly gift came highly recommended. Say aloe to our little friend the hydroponic herb garden. Encourage them to grow all kinds of flowers, herbs, and plants with a sustainable system where water’s recycled and soil isn’t required. Life succs without plants.

2. Zero Waste Starter Kit

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Zero Waste Starter Kit

Switching to a zero waste lifestyle can be intimidating, but not with Wild Minimalist’s Zero Waste Starter Kit. The starter kit makes a plastic-free lifestyle easy with a cotton net bag, beeswax cloths, and bamboo travel utensils all included. Don’t wait – time’s the only thing you’re wasting.

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3. Tree Planting Bodies


We can’t forget the little ones in this sustainable gift guide! ORGANIC by Feldman combines mindful designs with super comfortable organic clothes. In addition, their Water of Life collection plants a mangrove tree for every item sold.

4. Face Mask Fashion

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Reusable Face Mask

Face masks certainly aren’t fast fashion! These protective items are here to stay, so why not buy a reusable, EU-approved mask? We all need one. Even better – SWANA plants a tree for every two purchased masks. The perfect sustainable and practical gift.

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5. The World’s Most Natural Yoga Mat

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Yoga Mat

This one’s for the posers! And thanks to Shubhika Prakash for telling us everything we needed to know. If yoga’s your healthy new hobby, then you’d bend over backwards to use Oko’s awesome herbal yoga mat. It’s super soft, 100% biodegradable, and it’s been made with no electricity whatsoever! 

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6. Bamboo Toothbrushes With Baumfrei

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Baumfrei Bamboo Brush

Sustainable gifts don’t all need to be flashy – what about making essential, everyday items plastic-free instead? These bamboo toothbrushes from Baumfrei have saved a ton (literally) of plastic waste already, and they look brilliant too. All the more reason to smile.

7. Artisan Organic Wine

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Organic Whine

There’s a bit of a boom with organic wine right now, and plenty of merchants are getting in on the act. It’s no news for Austin Beeman who pointed us in the right direction.
All the way from vineyard to bottle, Organic Wine Company selects sustainable producers that are pesticide-free and made with certified organic grapes. A delicious sustainable gift – just recycle or reuse the glass bottle after.

8. More Than A Plastic Bag

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees More than a plastic bag book

Author Polly Barks is a zero waste and sustainability educator, so who’s better to write a guide for environmentalists of every level?

Whether you’re a sustainable pro or you’re just starting out, you’ll find all the practical information you need to reduce your waste and live more sustainably between the pages.

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Eco-Experiences Make For Great Sustainable Gifts Too

What if your partner or loved one is already an environmental pro? Are you running out of eco friendly gift ideas? Well, sometimes, time spent together is the best gift of all, and these amazing eco-experiences are the pick of the bunch.

1. Find Some Time For Forest Bathing

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Forest Bathing

For something that’s a little different and super easy and accessible, get your loved ones grounded! Leave the phones at home and connect with nature in the forest.

Unwind. Slow down. Stand still. Breathe in that feel-good forest air. The health benefits are incredible.

2. Plan A Picnic

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Winter Picnic

Eco friendly gifts aren’t just for summer – they should be fun throughout the year. And you can pack a picnic full of fun no matter the time of year. Even in winter, you can bring camping chairs, hot homemade soup, and your favorite mulled wine recipe. Bliss.

3. Book a Vacation

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Book Vacation with BnTree

Booking a vacation for your loved one doesn’t mean you have to send them overseas! Far from it. Get out of the city for a night and book a hotel in the countryside, or a cozy cottage nearby.Wherever you go, book via B’n’Tree and you’ll have planted a free tree in the process.

4. Learn To Cook Together

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Cooking Class

What’s cuter than learning to cook together? The way to a human’s heart goes through their stomach, after all.

MasterClass with Alice Waters teaches the art of home cooking so that you don’t even have to open the front door. Give the gift of a ‘farm-to-table revolution’ you can enjoy together.

5. Plant A Tree For Them

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees

With all these sustainable gifts you didn’t think we’d miss planting a tree, did you? We’re a humble team but come on! 

Give the gift of a tree and your loved one can read the story of their tree growing and doing all kinds of wonderful things for all of us. It’s a sustainable gift that’s a treet for everyone.

If you plant a tree for entrepreneurs in Ghana, you’ll even receive a personalized certificate. Plant a tree today:

6. Some Indoor Plant Encouragement

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Indoor Plant Workshop

Online plant workshops are a not-so-subtle hint that maybe it’s time you took better care of those succulents. This is one of the best sustainable gifts for making your home greener and your conscience cleaner! You’ll have a living room oasis in no time.

7. Find Your Feet On A Foraging Course

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees

Another fun way to spend time together is to take part in a local foraging course. As well as learning about local fungi, you’ll explore new areas and learn loads about the surrounding wildlife as well. Magic.

8. Get Cozy For Board Games And Cards Night

Click a Tree Sustainable Gifts Planting Trees Game Night

Do you and your family have a favorite board game? What about cards? Choose a date and get together for an entertaining evening. Come up with drinking games that get everyone involved, and try to remember that Monopoly is just a game…

Give Sustainable Gifts And Help Save The World

What do you think of our eco friendly experiences and products? Are we missing one of your favorites? Spotted something that’ll save the day? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

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Happy shopping, happy holidays, and thank you for being a star and continuing to help us keep on planting trees.

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