Why And How To Create A Bookmark For B’n’Tree

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Creating a bookmark for B’n’Tree in your browser makes planting trees even easier and faster than it already is. We know that time is valuable. And, of course, it doesn’t cost you a single Cent. So let’s do it!

Update: When booking travels on a desktop or laptop computer, the by far easiest option is to install the free Click A Tree Tree-Planting Assistant.

Why And How To Create A Bookmark For B’n’Tree bedandtree

Why To Create A Bookmark For B’n’Tree

The idea of B’n’Tree is to make planting trees as easy as possible.

To ensure it costs you nothing more but one single click of your mouse to plant a real tree, create a bookmark for B’n’Tree. Once you created the bookmark, the process will be as simple as

  1. Click the B’n’Tree bookmark
  2. Select your favorite booking platform
  3. Place your booking

That’s it! Planting a real tree is only one single mouse click away, since you would have to take the latter two steps to book a flight, hotel or excursion anyway.

How To Create A Bookmark For B’n’Tree

The question that arises next is: How do I create a bookmark for B’n’Tree?

And, again, this is straightforward, no matter whether you use a ‘normal’ computer or a smartphone. Ideally you should create the bookmark on both, so you always have B’n’Tree at the tip of your finger.

Creating A Bookmark On Windows Or Apple Laptops And Desktop Computers

In case you are using a ‘traditional’ computer or a laptop:

If it is a Windows computer, press Ctrl + D.

If it is an Apple computer, press Cmd + D.

That’s it! Done! So simple!

Creating A Bookmark On A Smartphone

When creating a bookmark on your smartphone, you have two choices: Either to create a ‘normal’ bookmark, which you can access via your browser’s bookmarks, or to create a home screen shortcut, which will place a small shortcut symbol right onto your home screen (similar to an app).

The second option makes life a whole lot easier, but you can also create both.

On Android: Open your smartphone browser, visit www.bedandtree.com, and tap on the settings on the top right (3 small dots). From this menu you can select whether to create a bookmark (tap on the star symbol) or add home screen short cut.

On iOS (Apple iPhones): Open www.bedandtree.com in your browser. Tap the symbol in the middle at the bottom of the screen, and select whether you want to create a bookmark or a home screen shortcut.

Mission accomplished! Well done, you!

What’s Next?

Send us your thoughts on how to make B’n’Tree and planting free trees even easier and more useful for you. We’d love to hear from you! Click here to Contact Us.


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