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Sustainability in retail with Click A Tree

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ABC Design removes plastic waste from the sea with the sale of its baby carriages

The dream of a corporate forest

ABC Design is the market leader for baby carriages in Germany and Europe.

They have been planting trees together with Click A Tree since February 2022. A total of 2,990 trees have been planted since then. They also support the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals through their collaboration with Click A Tree.

Even our first joint success story shows how successful our cooperation has been over the years and how easy it is to implement your ESG strategies.

Customers today place much more value on environmental compatibility

The consumer behavior of expectant parents has become more sustainable: It’s no longer just about price, but rather about sustainability, quality and social responsibility.

Today’s target group of parents is aware of its responsibility for future generations. She wants to buy products that meet her needs and also protect the world in which her children will grow up.

Development, production and retail must constantly adapt to the changing needs of their target group in order to remain successful on the market.

ABC Design recognizes future-oriented customer wishes

By developing and designing the Salsa 4 Air “wheat” starter set with environmentally friendly materials, ABC Design is actively responding to the current needs of its customers and at the same time underlining the company’s social responsibility through its cooperation with Click A Tree.

How ABC Design and Click A Tree are writing success stories with environmental awareness

The baby carriage manufacturer thrives on the trust its customers place in its brand and its products and does not want to make any compromises when it comes to sustainability:

“For us, trust, honesty and transparency are the foundations of a successful partnership,” says Felix Schmidt, Brand Manager at ABC Design.

The first cooperation with Click A Tree therefore began in 2022 and will be expanded further. This collaboration is a win-win situation because everyone involved benefits!

Sustainability in retail supports the company’s success

The right corporate philosophy is not only the right thing to do, it is also crucial for ABC Design’s corporate success –it strengthens brand awareness in the long term. 

Through sustainable measures, a company demonstrates its social responsibility and thus has the opportunity to build a strong brand identity. 

Sustainability is of great importance both for the corporate culture and for long-term business success. 

Don’t waste any time and start your successful future now: Click A Tree offers many opportunities for collaboration!