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ABC Design and its ESG strategy: How trees increase the storytelling value for children’s products

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ABC Design is the market leader for baby carriages in Germany and Europe. As an experienced company, ABC Design recognizes the value of a solid ESG strategy.

Planting trees has become an essential part of this strategy.

Trees have helped ABC Design to make a sustainable product even more sustainable. They also provide fantastic material for storytelling.

Here you can find out how companies achieve significant benefits through our reforestation projects. We also reveal why trees are such a fantastic gift for this industry.

A baby carriage that supports the 17 sustainability goals

ABC Designs combi baby carriages are so popular because parents feel that they are investing in a future-proof product: The adaptable combination of baby carriage, infant car seat and child seat can be used for the first three years of the child’s life. This means less waste.

What’s more, the Samba set from ABC Design is made from recycled plastic waste. Each Samba baby carriage contains one hundred PET bottles collected in the coastal areas.

But the founders of ABC Design did not stop there: They were looking for a way to make their product even more sustainable.

That is why they have decided to support our Trees for the Seas project, which fulfills all 17 sustainability goals.

The holistic approach: trees bring benefits for everyone

According to Alexander Widmaier, Marketing Manager at ABC Design, it was the holistic approach that attracted him to Trees for the Seas.

Trees for the Seas plants mangrove trees in the Philippines that protect endangered islands and serve as nurseries for marine animals.

In addition, we remove 1 kg of plastic waste from the sea with every mangrove tree planted.

The maintenance of the mangroves and the cleaning of the coastal area offer local people long-term jobs for which they receive a fair wage.

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Read the full success story here

Creative social media storytelling with trees

In this way, our Trees for the Seas project fits perfectly into ABC Design’s ESG strategy to make the Samba Set stroller a truly sustainable product that will also benefit future generations.

Planting trees also offers many opportunities for storytelling. Each Click A Tree partner receives regular project updates, images and videos that simplify the creation of attractive content.

This allows marketing managers like Alexander Widmaier to create interesting new stories that go beyond the recycling of PET bottles.

In this way, support for the Trees for the Seas project really benefits the company’s marketing activities.

The campaign: The sale of each Samba set plants 6 mangrove trees and removes 6 kg of plastic waste from the sea.

The effect: 2000 mangrove trees have been planted and 2000 kg of plastic removed from the sea. What a fantastic story!

A meaningful gift that fulfills all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

And what better gift can a company that manufactures products for children give its customers than a better future?

Every mangrove tree actively combats climate change and improves the lives of countless people and animals. Fact: Planting mangrove trees fulfills all 17 UN sustainability goals.

That is the strong message that comes across in storytelling. Customers love the positive impact their purchase has on the environment.

Their feedback is very positive about ABC Design’s meaningful commitment to our planet. This is a good example of how companies can really appeal to their customers with sustainability.

Trees bring benefits for everyone

By planting mangroves, ABC Design is giving its customers the gift of a better future for their children. Customers love the fact that they are doing something good when they buy a great product.

But that’s not all: trees also provide added value for the company, as they enable exciting storytelling that appeals to customers.

When we work together in this way, everyone wins: the environment, local people, future generations and our entire planet, as well as our partners and their customers.

Become a B4B partner

We hope that the story of ABC Design was an inspiration for you!

Planting trees can really benefit everyone. This is why they are so suitable as gifts for companies. Whether for customers, business partners or employees – a tree is a very special gift that really stands out.

You can start your own tree planting campaign today. It’s quite simple! It only takes 5 minutes to sign up for our Universal Impact Platform on the Click A Tree website. We will guide you through all the steps and give you useful tips.

If you’d like to speak to us first to find out more about our projects or learn more about the benefits of a Click A Tree B4B partnership, you can send us a quick email here.

We look forward to working with you to shape a future that benefits everyone.

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