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Café back then – Grandma Gertrud’s muesli has superpowers

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You read that right, Grandma Gertrud’s muesli has superpowers – it not only strengthens you for the day, but also plants trees. Here we tell you how it works and where you can find the café back then.

Eating Grandma Gertrud’s muesli and planting trees

The Café damals in Pforzheim has joined forces with Click A Tree to promote the global reforestation of our planet. So, for every Grandma Gertrud’s Muesli ordered, a tree is planted.

All you have to do is order this muesli (see picture) and enjoy it.

Looks delicious, doesn’t it? The muesli and then the fresh fruit on top. Another delicious coffee and the day can begin.

What do you say, does that sound like superpowers? Or is it perhaps a super cool and easy-to-implement initiative called Food for Future? You can find the explanation here:

Food for Future for the Win

This initiative aims to make sustainability as simple as possible. And what could be easier than enjoying a delicious muesli in a wonderful café and planting a tree at the same time?

You can find more information about Click A Tree’s ‘Food for Future’ initiative here.

Very cozy in the Café back then in Pforzheim

In addition to the Wildlife Park and the Jewelry Museum, beautiful Pforzheim has another very special place to offer. The Café Back Then, where nostalgic flair meets coziness.

As soon as you enter the café, you are transported back in time by the atmosphere and the antiques. Here you can completely forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply enjoy a coffee (and Grandma Getrud’s muesli).

Café damals is not only great because they plant trees, but also because they attach great importance to sustainability in their choice of products.

When selecting their products, they pay attention to regionality and seasonality. Fairness is taken into account for products that cannot be sourced from the region.

Food for Future and the caritalism concept

Caritalism is the art of combining charitable work with a capitalist system. Or to put it very simply: you are saving our planet and doing nothing different to what you already do every day.

We launched the Food for Future initiative to do just that. As in the example of our partner café back then, you go into the café and order Grandma Gertrud’s muesli.

For every muesli sold, we plant a tree. The more muesli is sold, the more trees are planted. This is capitalism combined with charitable work.

You can find out why caritalism should become our new norm in our article Caritalism: Capitalism combined with sustainability.

3 things you can do now:

Stop by Café damals and try the delicious muesli that plants trees.

If you’re not currently in Pforzheim, but think it’s a great idea, why not share this post with your friends? Perhaps some of you are currently in Pforzheim and looking for a great café that plants trees.

And while you’re here, why not sign up for our newsletter and plant a tree for free? You don’t even have to wear pants!