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Can sustainability be simple and tasty?

Food For Future

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Every year on June 18, the Day of Sustainable Gastronomy takes place. After all, gastronomy also plays a major role in sustainable development.

But on other days, too, many people ask themselves how they can become even more sustainable, because if we want to preserve our planet, we all have to pitch in.

Click A Tree’s mission is to bring sustainability and forest creation into everyday life. And it doesn’t get any more everyday than food! That’s why we’ve developed a really cool project that lets you eat out and plant trees at the same time.

The whole thing is called Food For Future and now you can find out how it works!

Food For Future

Together with our gastronomy partners, we make sustainability simple and delicious! They create a Food for Future dish (or drink) and a tree is planted for every dish sold.

The only thing you have to do? Order and enjoy your meal! Hah, planting trees has never been so delicious!

Where and what is planted?

Click A Tree has already planted trees in 13 countries on 5 continents and is currently mainly active in Ghana, Thailand and the Philippines.

We only plant mixed forests in order to create intact, functioning ecosystems. Most of our projects plant over 20 different tree species, some projects even plant over 40 different tree species.

Creating forests only makes sense if these forests can survive for decades and centuries to come.

Planting is carried out with the help of full-time workers. This creates new jobs and secure income for the local population.

We deliberately refrain from using volunteers. If sustainable, then holistically sustainable – and that includes fair pay for local workers.

Our Food For Future partners

Sustainability can be simple and delicious.

Because our Food for Future partners offer you delicious food and/or drinks that plant trees.

You can find a list of our gastronomy partners by clicking on the green button.

Take a look at our partners these days and try the delicious Food for Future dish or drink.

If you document your visit on social media, please tag us @clickatree or use the hashtag #foodforfuture.

Share the delicious mission with your friends

Eating out is twice as much fun with good friends! Ask your friends if they would like to go out to eat and create forests. You have the list of restaurateurs who plant trees.

Share this post with your friends, family and acquaintances. Let them know how easily they can do something good.

We look forward to seeing your pictures from Food for Future on social media!

Stay great and bon appétit!