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Click A Tree is the official reforestation partner of INTERGASTRA 2024

Would you also like to promote sustainability with your company and at the same time enhance your brand image for employees and customers and increase your turnover?

Then contact us at any time without obligation!

Planting trees for companies

Start your company forest in 2 minutes. Attractive marketing material will make your company popular with both customers and your own team.

Together with INTERGASTRA, we are showing how it can work.

Das Projekt von Click A Tree auf den Philippinen. Viele Menschen und Chris stehen in einem Mangrovenwald an der Küste und zeigen das Click A Tree Banner.

What we achieve together with INTERGASTRA


We secure habitats for animals

Icon Klimaschutz: Ein Thermometer und eine Erde - stark stilisiert

We are fighting climate change


We secure jobs for people

Write us a short “I’m interested” in the WhatsApp chat and we will discuss with you how sustainability can be implemented as profitably as possible in your business.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.