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E-scooters for the environment

Moovi plants a tree for every electric scooter sold

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Have you noticed it too? Be it in conversations with colleagues and acquaintances, in public discourse or based on our own experiences: Most of us have actually understood that driving in the city is neither particularly climate-friendly nor a quick way to get from A to B.

Sustainable mobility is now on people’s minds. We think that’s great! So we need an environmentally friendly alternative to the car, especially for short distances. But as comfortable as possible, please!

If you don’t get on your bike every morning, you will have to use public transport. Unfortunately, the connection is not yet so good that every commuter can just walk to the next stop in 5 minutes.

And once on the bus or train, a bike can also be quite bulky. The solution: the e-scooter!

Why is the Moovi e-scooter good for the environment?

Light, fast, stable and, above all, good for the environment – right from the development stage, the Moovi makers set themselves the goal of bringing the most affordable, durable and comfortable e-scooter onto the market.

The company was founded in 2017 by Nima Zarindast, Janik Lipke, Michel Käse and Ivana Käse and in 2019 the time had come: the Moovi was launched as one of the first compact class e-scooters with road approval.

What can the part do?

With a speed of up to 20 km/h and a weight of only 11 kg (that’s less than an almost 2-year-old child who – once again at some stage – wants to be carried for a very long time), the Moovi is one of the lightest electric scooters on the market.

You can travel up to 25 km with it – often enough to commute to the train for a whole week. And after just 2.5 hours in the case of the Mini and 3.5 hours for the Pro, the Moovi is fully recharged. By lunchtime, your cool scooter will be fully operational again.

Is that practicable?

The ability to fold the e-scooter easily with one hand is super practical. This saves you complicated fumbling when you get into the elevator or onto the train.

The Moovi is also quite stylish. If you’re thinking that this is all super cool as long as you don’t have to carry any large bags or objects, there’s even a handlebar mount to carry heavy luggage safely and comfortably!

Moovi has got sustainability rolling

In addition to the fact that e-scooters are a good mobility solution for the environment in themselves, Moovi is doing even more for our climate. The company is constantly working to improve its carbon footprint. CO2 is already saved during production and delivery is carried out with DHL Go Green.

Long service life

Every customer has the opportunity to have their e-scooter repaired. And refurbished models are sold very cheaply as second-hand goods and are therefore used for longer.

Have we mentioned that we think Moovi is great? This is how sustainable mobility works: The long service life of e-scooters is good for the environment and your wallet.

1 e-scooter = 1 tree

Now Moovi has gone one better and decided to plant a tree with us for every e-scooter sold online. This makes Moovi even more sustainable. As a company, but also each individual e-scooter in itself. It rocks – and rolls!

Moovi is now part of our network and is helping to reforest our planet in long-term planting projects. They are creating urgently needed habitats for endangered species around the world and prospects for local people who can feed their families through their valuable work.

Do you want to know why trees are so important for our environment and why many more companies should plant trees? Then read our 10 reasons why trees are great and no questions should remain unanswered!

If you are interested in e-scooters, we recommend that you take a look at the models from Moovi. The company has understood how holistic sustainability works.

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Let’s keep on rollin’ baby! And let’s keep on Moovi!

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