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It doesn’t always have to be a long-distance trip

Sustainable vacation in Germany

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It’s slowly getting going again, and after the countless weeks at home, we really feel like going on vacation again. However, as long-distance travel is out of the question for many people at the moment, our friends from Good Travel have written a guest article with some very cool tips for sustainable vacations in Germany. Have fun reading!

A vacation in Germany still has a dusty and boring image. Quite wrongly, we at Good Travel!

That’s why we want to show you in this article that it can be quite exciting to spend your vacation on your own doorstep. You can – almost effortlessly – pay attention to sustainability.

Sustainable travel in Germany

The great thing about vacationing in your own country is that you can save yourself the CO2-intensive journey by plane and reach many destinations in an environmentally friendly way by train instead.

A vacation in Germany not only saves a huge amount of CO2, but also saves a lot of time thanks to the short distances. And that leaves more time for relaxation, vacations and intensive encounters.

Plan the entire trip according to the motto “the journey is the destination”

Another great idea is to organize the entire trip according to the motto “the journey is the destination” and even travel in a completely climate-neutral way.

Whether it’s a multi-day canoe tour on the Mecklenburg Lake District, parts of the Berlin-Copenhagen long-distance cycle route or one of the St. James’ Way trails in Germany – there’s sure to be something for everyone here.

Sustainable accommodation with exciting excursion destinations

A selection of sustainable accommodation for your vacation in Germany can be found on Good Travel. Many of these accommodations are situated in beautiful, scenic locations and are very close to exciting excursion destinations.

For example, the Longen-Schlöder winery is located not far from the Geierlay suspension bridge.

The 360-meter-long bridge hovers reverently 100 meters in the air and rewards visitors with a head for heights with a unique view over the Hunsrück. Once you have conquered the bridge, you can make yourself comfortable in the evening in the pretty winegrowers’ cottages with a good glass of wine.

The Bavarian Forest may be an attractive destination for those who would like to discover densely overgrown primeval forests, small lakes and raised bogs. All of this can be found here at various altitudes from around 700 meters to 1,450 meters.

Sustainable accommodation is available in the bright wooden cottages of the Forstgut. Each chalet has its own sauna and heated hot tub on the terrace – a real treat after a day of activity in the fresh air!

Take a city trip and spend the night in an unusual way

However, if you have always wanted to explore Hamburg and don’t want to stay in a run-of-the-mill hotel, the Hafenkran may be the ideal accommodation for you.

Here you can spend the night in a historic crane directly on the Elbe. It is part of the harbor, barges pass by, as do large container and cruise ships that pass the harbor entrance. You can hear the waves lapping and the seagulls screeching. You really can’t get any more Hamburg than this.

No matter what you decide in the end, one thing is certain: if you want to spend a breathtaking vacation in a beautiful atmosphere, you don’t have to travel far. There is also a wonderful variety to discover on your own doorstep.

For more accommodation and inspiration, visit us on Good Travel and our blog.

If Good Travel does not offer your favorite accommodation, remember to start your booking on B’n’Tree. We plant a tree for every booking!