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Pasta for Planet: eating pasta and planting trees

Now possible at Bellucci’s in Berlin

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Eating pasta and saving the planet at the same time. Or the other way around? Saving the planet and eating pasta on the side? Whichever order you choose, at Berlin restaurant Bellucci you can do both at the same time – welcome to Pasta for Planet.

How eating pasta and planting trees works:

Anyone who orders the “Pasta for Planet” at Bellucci, a plate of ricotta and spinach-filled cappelletti served with sun-dried tomatoes and burrata cheese, is planting a tree. This supports reforestation in Thailand, Ghana and Indonesia. And all without any extra effort or costs for you.

So, if you order the “Pasta for Planet”, Bellucci and Click A Tree will plant a tree for you. Bellucci is now part of Click A Tree’s ‘Food For Future’ initiative.

What is Food For Future?

This initiative aims to make sustainability as simple as possible. And what could be easier than enjoying a delicious pasta in a wonderful restaurant and planting a tree at the same time?

You can find more information about Click A Tree’s ‘Food for Future’ initiative here.

Bellucci – Italian delicacies in the heart of Berlin

“By far the BEST restaurant in Berlin for me! Every dish tastes really delicious, the ingredients are perfectly matched! I love it!!!”
– Cathy Lugner

This Google review by an enthusiastic restaurant visitor is one of many such reviews. At Bellucci, gourmets can enjoy Italian delicacies in a sophisticated Mediterranean ambience right on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm.

As you can see, Bellucci’s isn’t just great because they plant trees. But also because the whole ambience simply fits together: the food is delicious, the service is great and the atmosphere is just right.

5 reasons why “Pasta for Planet” is great

If the thought of delicious pasta at Bellucci’s alone isn’t enough, here are 5 more reasons to storm into Bellucci’s right away:

3 things you can do now:

Reserve a table at Bellucci today to try the delicious Pasta for Planet” and plant a tree.

If you’re not currently in Berlin but think it’s a great idea, why not share this post with your friends? Perhaps some of you are currently in Berlin and looking for a great restaurant that plants trees.

And while you’re here, why not sign up for our newsletter and plant a tree for free? You don’t even have to wear pants!

Find out more about our project in Ghana: what, where, how, when and above all why.

More about Bellucci’s “Pasta for Planet” and the reforestation project here.