3 Hacks to Cut Costs While Building a Sustainable Business

November 23, 2021
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We have come to a point in time where we have to look for alternative solutions to make business more sustainable. Which is great, since sustainability comes with many attractive benefits for you. Especially since making your business sustainable doesn’t necessarily have to be complex or costly.

In this article, we’ll share three easy implementable hacks with you, how you can cut costs while reaping the benefits of sustainability as well.

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Apropos reaping what you sow. Did you read Anchala’s amazing story about PLANTING TREES IN NORTHERN THAILAND yet?


Benefits of sustainability for your business

First things first, let’s talk about the benefits of sustainability for you and your company.

Why would a company want to change its ways, you may ask. The quick response: Because the future viability of your company depends on it. Consumers prefer to buy from companies that actively take part in creating a sustainable company.

And with the quickly growing digitalisation and social media it’s easier for buyers to look up whether a company is meeting sustainable goals or not.

It’s time for each one of us to take responsibility for our actions and save the planet. Find out why we have to act now and what it actually takes to save our planet in THE TWENTREES.

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5 Reasons why being more sustainable is good for your business

1: More money for you

If saving the planet is not reason enough for you, we have 5 more appealing reasons why creating a sustainable business is a game-changer (and brings in more money for you). Doing business sustainably, i.e. using resources sparingly, lowers the costs for your company.

Fair working conditions, environmental protection, and careful use of resources are rewarded by consumers: The I love Sushi restaurant has increased its sales significantly thanks to its Tree-Roll, which plants a tree each time it’s sold. The campaign brought international press attention to the restaurateurs as well.

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2: Higher Prices

Sustainable production and/or sustainable added value justifies higher prices, which consumers are quite prepared to pay more for. And who minds higher revenue?

3: Positive image

Sustainability is a testable quality criterion and strengthens your positive company image. Sustainable consumption binds customers permanently to your company. When they feel that they are doing something positive through their consumption, they become real brand ambassadors.

4: Attracts employees

A sustainability strategy makes your company more innovative and attractive to employees. Well-qualified and motivated applicants prefer companies with a positive image and a sustainable corporate philosophy.

Young professionals in particular attach increasing importance to a good work-life balance, sustainable resource management and are specifically looking for an environmentally friendly employer.

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5: Minimizes costs

Your efforts lead to loyal and motivated employees, the loyalty to your company is promoted and the fluctuation is lower, which minimizes the effort and costs of recruiting.

We don’t want to keep you from your new sustainable life any longer, here are three cost killers you can implement in your business and home office right away. 

Cost Killer 1: Stand-By Mode

Effect: low / Effort: low / Cost: Save money

Our rule of thumb: Unplug every device that you don’t use at least once a day! Do not leave any plugs in the socket unless necessary. Especially not overnight or over the weekend.

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Ask your employees to switch off computers and laptops after each workday.

For new purchases, you should check whether the device has a proper off-switch, unfortunately, this is no longer a matter of course. Deactivate screensavers on all devices. These things are so 90s anyway.

The first step: Put up a friendly (!) sign that reminds your employees to switch off and unplug devices.

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Cost Killer 2: Use Rechargeable Batteries

Effect: Medium / Effort: Low / Cost: Save money

Although batteries pollute the environment, are hazardous waste, and expensive single-use items, tons get sold each year. According to the U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste, in the US around 3 billion dry-cell batteries are sold each year

You already guessed it, reusable batteries are the better choice. The repeated use protects the environment and you benefit from lower energy costs.

For all battery-operated devices, it is best to only use rechargeable batteries instead of mono cells.

The first step: Provide battery charger(s) at your company. Make sure that this device also switches off automatically.

Cost Killer 3: Say no to heavy air

Effect: Medium / Effort: Low / Cost: Save money

Every country has stereotypes, some are true whereas some couldn’t be further from the truth. The video bellow shares a compilation of 70 people revealing their country’s stereotypes while uncovering whether they are true or not. 

Let us know in the comments what some stereotypes of your country are and whether they are true.

So, we are sure you have heard of some clichés about Germans as well. Such as that Germans love their gnomes or punctuality. If you tell a German to meet at 11:00 am, they’ll be there at 10:45 am just to make sure you don’t beat them there, which would mean they’re late. 

Another thing you might have noticed when visiting Germany is that they are notorious window openers. No matter how cold it is outside, they will make sure to burst open all windows and fulfill their due diligence of being German.

But jokes aside, we recommend doing shock ventilation at your office as well. If there is not enough fresh air in the room, open the window fully and turn the heating down. This is much more effective and energy-saving than opening the window permanently and letting the heating run.

Another positive side effect of shock ventilation is an increase in productivity since the fresh air allows your brain to reach greater clarity. 

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The perception of temperature is subjective. The heating or air conditioning should not be turned up and down all the time.

Agree on an appropriate, permanent room temperature during working hours. Also, turn down the heating after work and switch off air conditioning units.

A timer for the heating is extremely practical and easy to use. It will only turn on when it is necessary. 

The first step: Order a radiator thermostat in the shop of your choice.

What can you do now?

Sharing is making the world a better place: Share these cost cutting hacks with your colleagues, employer and friends to help us make the world a better place by doing business sustainably.

Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed these 3 cost cutting hacks for your business. Do tell us which one your favorite was! If we get 5 comments, we’ll share 3 more hacks about how you can create a sustainable business.

You want more ideas on how we can save the planet? How about combining charitable work with a capitalistic system? We know it sounds crazy but bear with us. This is actually more than possible and it’s called charitalism. Learn how you can SAVE THE PLANET WHILE SAVORING YUMMY SUSHI.

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