Meeting Our Partners in Kenya

Behind the Scenes of Click A Tree

May 20, 2020
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Ever wondered how B’n’Tree works? How you can plant trees with one single click of your mouse? Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Well – let’s take a look behind the scenes of B’n’Tree, shall we?

First of all, let us assure you: There’s no magic involved. Just hard work, sweat and trees. A bit of fun at times. And some wonderful partners.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
- African proverb

So let’s take a look behind the scenes of B’n’Tree. Come with us and meet our partners in Kenya.

How Does B’n’Tree Work? A Glimpse Behind The Scenes.

To make planting trees while traveling for you as simple as possible, a lot of people are working hard behind the scenes of B’n’Tree.

On the one hand, the frontend, we have formed partnerships with global booking platforms. These include Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor, HRS, Skyscanner and several others to offer you a wide choice of booking options when planning your holidays.

Whenever you begin a booking on and complete it on one of our booking partners’ sites, these partners pay us a small commission as a “Thank you” for referring you as a client. For you as user booking costs stay the same. The commission is paid from the marketing budget of our partners.

On the other hand, the backend, we have researched and found various trustworthy partners worldwide to help plant the trees you are creating with your travel bookings. These are the people doing all the hard work while you’re enjoying your vacation or performing at your best during your business meetings.

Once we received the commission from our booking partners, we share our profits with our tree-planting partners, who then diligently go to work to turn this money into trees.

From right to left: Millicent from Land and Life Foundation, Nancy from Seedballs Kenya and Chris from B’n’Tree.

Meeting B’n’Tree’s Partners In Kenya

To further foster and nurture these wonderful relationships, we recently met two of these partners in Nairobi, Kenya. Nancy co-founded Seedballs Kenya, and Millicent works for the Land and Life Foundation.

We have reported about the numerous benefits of reforesting Kenya in the past already. Today it’s time to take a look behind the scenes to see how all these trees get planted.

Nancy, Seedballs Kenya: The Dedicated Scientist Behind Planting Trees

Nancy and her diligent team research and develop the most cost- and result-efficient ways to plant trees. Over time, they have developed what is now known as ‘seedballs’: Tree seeds wrapped in a charcoal ball, the latter containing all the nutrients the seed needs to germinate and grow its first roots.

Besides continuously improving this process, Nancy also suggests which native tree species we should plant in which area This ensures we maximize survival rates of the trees and minimize potential negative impacts on the environment.

Finally, Nancy packages these seedballs in perfectly compostable paper bags and hands them over to our tree-planting partners.

Take a look at what Nancy thinks about B’n’Tree. And listen to her favorite hack how to maximise the number of trees you can plant. For free, of course.

Learn more about Nancy and her team at Seedballs Kenya.

Millicent, Land And Life Foundation: Diligent Tree-Planting Event Organizer

Millicent works for the Land and Life Foundation, a foundation which is supported by Elewana Collection as well as Cheli & Peacock Safaris. This enables Land and Life to work on 0% overhead – 100% of all money flowing to Kenya turns into trees.

Millicent cooperates with six schools across Kenya and organizes tree-planting events with them. While in countries such as Madagascar we work with local people, paying them full-time salaries to help with planting trees, in Kenya we have chosen this route to educate the youngest of the population on the importance of planting trees, the environment and its conservation.

Besides distributing and planting the tree-seedlings with the help of diligent wildlife warriors, Millicent also ensures the smooth aftermath of each event. She is in constant contact with the schools to guarantee the trees are watered and monitored for growth.

Not all trees survive, but thanks to Nancy’s research and Millicent’s efforts survival rates are maximized, and new trees are planted for those seedlings which don’t make it.

Listen in – and get her favorite hack on how to plant more trees, without having to pay a single Cent for it.

Learn more about Millicent and her work at Land and Life Foundation.

The Results

To date, we have planted over 30,000 trees in Kenya, the majority last month. For a quick taste of this, take a look at the images from our joint tree-planting event in December 2018.

But that is just the beginning… Both Nancy and Millicent are ready, equipped and keen to plant millions of trees with us. And for that, they’ll need our most valuable partner: You.

B’n’Tree’s Most Valuable Partner: You.

The most valuable partner in B’n’Tree’s reforestation assembly line is you. Without you and your sensational support we would have no income from our booking platform partners. Without that income, Nancy would have no funds to research and Millicent would have no money to organize tree-planting events.

Hence we would like to shout out a heart-felt THANK YOU to you for your fantastic work. You help spread the word to your family, share our Social Media posts, forward our website address to all the travelers in your address book and continue to remember B’n’Tree whenever you plan your next trip.

Thank you for doing that. It is one click for you, but it does make a difference all over the globe.

Please keep doing that. Keep being awesome. Keep being you.

Thank you.

Your B’n’Tree Team.

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