Fridays For Future: Turning Talk Into Trees

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September 30, 2021
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Dear Fridays For Future fans, as you probably realized over the past months, getting politicians to save our planet for us is a very hard and long process. To ensure we all have a healthy planet to live on in the decades to come, we need to act ourselves.

Dear Fridays For Future fans, as you probably realized over the past months, getting politicians to save our planet for us is a very hard and long process. To ensure we all have a healthy planet to live on in the decades to come, we need to act ourselves.

Here are three easy ways what you can do today – besides continuing the Fridays For Future strikes, of course.

Fridays For Future Turning Talk Into Trees

What Is The Fridays For Future Movement?

Fridays For Future¹ is a movement by pupils and students worldwide. Instead of going to school on Fridays, they protest for governments to bring about tougher climate protection regulations faster. These young people are concerned that all their learning and studying may be for nothing, if there wasn’t a healthy planet to live on in the future.

The movement began with Swedish student Greta Thunberg² in 2018 and has since spread all over the globe. Here is a short video from Greta herself on why she is striking, and what her solution is:

March 15, 2019, saw Fridays For Future activities strike in over 100 countries worldwide. On September 20, 2019, millions of people worldwide took to the streets in the biggest climate strike ever. Click A Tree and B’n’Tree founder Chris was amongst them, joining tens of thousands of people on the streets of Frankfurt, Germany.

Here is his 30-second speech on Instagram or Facebook.

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The Main Challenge For Fridays For Future Fans

The main challenge Fridays For Future fans are facing is that they want politicians to bring about change. And getting politicians to act can be a very long and strenuous process. Hence our best bet is to take matters into our own hands and start acting while waiting for governments to start moving.

Fridays For Future Turning Talk Into Trees

Three Steps To Start Saving The Planet Today

Many days are suitable to start saving the planet. And there is no day better than today. To quote one very wise man:

Here are 3 steps you can take today to start saving the planet today.

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1. Install Ecosia As Your Default Search Engine.

Ecosia³ is an internet search engine like Google. With one valuable twist: They invest 80% of the profits they generate from ads into planting trees. For you as a user, it’s completely free of charge.

Go get Ecosia now – and make sure to tell your friends about it as well. Better yet: Your school or university. There’s a growing “Ecosia on Campus” movement that you should become part in⁴.

Want to learn more and find out why Ecosia not just saves the world, but even makes you smarter? Read the full Ecosia review⁵.

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2. Use B’n’Tree For All Your Travels

B’n’Tree is like Ecosia, but for travel. Whenever you, your parents or your friends are planning a trip, begin your bookings on For every completed booking, one tree is being planted. Again, at absolutely no cost to you.

To make all your travels more sustainable, we have compiled over 100 sustainable travel hacks in our B’n’Tree Green Travel Guide. Take a read – a lot of them not just save the planet, but also save you some of your hard earned cash!

And again: Using B’n’Tree has the biggest impact the more people do it. So please share it with your friends, family and teachers or professors. Every tree matters.

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3. Rethink Giving Gifts

Since we all share the same planet, giving the gift of a better planet is the best gift of all. Next time you think about buying gifts, whether for birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion, why not give trees?

Companies like Click A Tree enable you to plant trees from the comfort of your screen. Not only are these trees a lot better for our planet, but also a lot longer lasting than most other gifts.

Have a special day coming up or just want to surprise a loved one with spectacular gift for no reason? Simply pick your preferred tree location and plant a tree right now:

Of course, this works the other way around as well: Whenever you expect gifts, such as for your graduation or your next birthday, encourage people to plant trees for you. All together you can plant a beautiful, green, healthy forest.

Fridays For Future Turning Talk Into Trees

Why Is Planting Trees The Best Solution For Fridays For Future Fans?

Why are we so fixated on planting trees, you may wonder? You are right, there are loads of other options to help save this planet as well, such as avoiding plastic, reducing carbon emissions or buying fair-trade products. And yes, all of them are important as well.

We have taken to planting trees since it helps the planet on various levels.

Trees Fight Climate Change

Firstly, the trees absorb carbon dioxide and regulate water cycles, hence are a fine weapon in our battle against climate change. And that’s what Fridays for Future fans are fighting for, right?

Trees for endangered wildlife

Trees Are Valuable Animal Habitat

Secondly, trees offer shelter and food to a myriad of living creatures, whether they be tiny insects or large, majestic mammals. These animals need our help – they have very little shelter left to live in. And, even worse, they can’t fight for themselves. Hence they need us to do it for them.

Trees Help Humans

Thirdly, trees help humans as well. In countries like Madagascar we employ local communities to help with the planting, paying them fair, full-time salaries, which helps them escaping the poverty trap.

In countries like Kenya we plant with the help of diligent students, educating them on the importance of trees, the environment and nature conservation.

Besides the act of planting, humans profit from trees by sitting in their shade, eating their fruit or building furniture and houses with their wood. We can’t think of a more impactful way to help save the planet than planting trees. Can you?

10 Resons why trees are awesome Click A Tree

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Start Acting Today!

The single most important step for our planet is this: Start acting today! As Greta has said:

Don’t get overwhelmed by the task at hand. Start with the three simple steps listed above. Then take it from there.

Another powerful step, apart from those three above: Share this article with as many people as possible. The more people start acting today, the better. Then, one day, the politicians will start acting as well.

Update September 2019: Fantastic news: The first politicians are supporting B’n’Tree (Click A Tree for travellers), Fridays for Future and hence the fight against climate change.

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United in combat for a better future. On Fridays and on every other day of the week.

Help us make a bigger impact and share this article with your friends and family.

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