9 Unexpected Benefits of Trees

and the Holistic Reforestation Solution

January 9, 2023
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What comes to mind when you think “holistic”? Do you think of drinking tea, natural medicine, and yoga? You’re not too far off but it goes way deeper than this.

The word “Holistic” can be defined in simpler terms as a complete system, rather than individual branches of one. This is also the case with our reforestation, which goes beyond planting seedlings.

Among other things, the economy is boosted, safe food sources are created and education is supported.

9 Unexpected Benefits of Trees and the Holistic Reforestation Solution

Find out why a holistic approach to reforestation is so important and what the other life-changing advantages of planting trees are.

What exactly does holistic mean in the context of reforestation?

How does holistic thinking apply to growing trees? First of all, we need to take a look at what “holistic” actually means.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it means “dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part”.¹ One of the examples given for how the term can be used is: “Ecological problems usually require holistic solutions.”

Click A Tree's projects fulfill the 17 SDGs

Yes! Trees are the building blocks on which whole ecologies are based.

If we want to bring about lasting change, then we must reforest the planet in such a way that we create the greatest possible impact.

That means paying local people fairly, creating new opportunities and safe sources of food, planting mixed forests that most closely resemble nature to encourage biodiversity, and more. That’s why we regularly ask ourselves this one question: “What can we achieve with just one tree?”

Because that’s the only way we can bring out these 9 benefits of planting trees.

9 Unexpected Benefits of Trees

Trees are our best friends. They will never leaf us without oxygen unless we cut them down, and they wood always sponge up our carbon dioxide without asking. Trees provide access to everything from food sources, jobs, and even education!

#1. Planting Trees Creates Jobs

In countries where deforestation is quickly tearing through the area, people need jobs as much as the environment needs trees. In Ghana, old farmland lies barren and we’ve taken up the challenge to maximize efforts by creating a tree-planting mission there

The holistical approach of planting trees with Click A Tree creates jobs.

Most eco-projects function on free labor in exchange for learned trades/skills, or volunteer positions. While this still progresses on environmental improvements, we aimed to build community roots.

All our employees are well-paid, with full-time positions. The sustainable salary keeps the mission afloat, trees growing, and smiles on all our employees’ faces. 

#2. Planting Trees Stimulates the Economy

As the environment benefits, our colleagues at the planting location have enough income coming in to spend in their local economy. We pay wages that translate to a decent means of life. 

Planting trees stimulates the economy.

When the local economy is stimulated, everyone wins. They reinvest in their homeland in more ways than one.

#3. Planting Trees Exchanges Knowledge

In 2018, our entrepreneur school was opened, with the goal of instilling the Ghanaian local community with environmental and business skills.

Currently, the school teaches 18-to-25-year-olds basic education in computing knowledge, accounting, English, public speaking, business practices, and specialized work projects. 

Planting trees with Click A Tree allows you to support education.

In addition to educational lessons, students can learn eco-knowledge such as syntrophic farming, bee-keeping, and eco-managerial skills. Wanna get involved?

#4. Planting Trees Develops Sustainable Water Practices

Focusing on sustainable living practices by sharpening needed skills is advantageous to the bigger picture. The schools in Ghana show students how to dig wells, maintaining a clear water line for future generations. 

Planting trees develops sustainable water practices.

Irrigation is taught to enhance crop stability and growth. As cultures mix, we learn better what the local population needs and how to support them in their financial and eco-friendly progressions.

All this is possible by making our reforestation project holistically sustainable.

#5. Planting Trees Enhances Gender Equality

Trees don’t discriminate, and neither do we. We hire employees who want to make an environmental difference, regardless of gender.

Benefits of planting trees: Planting trees enhances gender equality.

Women working evens the playing field. Having an option for joint income in a family setting is an added pro for the local communities.

#6. Planting Trees Provides Brighter Futures

Since parents get to work with us on our tree-planting missions, their children can go to school. Whether it is the entrepreneurial school we built or the local schools. Education is power. 

Planting Trees with Click A Tree provides brighter futures for new generations.

Parents can live sustainably.

Children can get an education.

The environment can breathe.

#7. Planting Trees Restores Water Cycles

We know you’re probably thinking, “there’s no way Click A Tree plants trees in the oceans,” right? You’re wrong, islands need help too!

Take the Philippines for example; as their tourism industry booms, trees crumble in their path. Resorts excavate precious mangrove trees to make room for swimming pools, and the natural environment takes a serious hit. 

These trees provide homes to hundreds of small ocean dwellers, delicious nutrients, and prevent detrimental soil erosion. Do you know what that means? Landslides, floods, and sinking.

Honestly, mangroves are superstars. Their roots function as a web of nets, catching harmful ocean plastics that could easily be mistaken for lunch. 

AND- Mangroves are HUGE carbon sinks, benefiting both ocean and land dwellers- hear that humans? Want to plant a mangrove yet?

#8. Plant Trees, Harvest Biodiversity

Elephants are frequently referred to as “the gardeners of the jungle”: As the majestic giants traverse the wooded paths of the Thai forests, they plant seeds everywhere they go (by pooping).

They love to feed on the ripe forest fruit and are, in fact, among the most important seed dispersers in the forest. With the help of elephants, vast quantities of tree seeds are planted over tens of kilometers of forest, each in its own small package of fertilizer.

Each new tree, grown in this way, supports thousands of other creatures and elephants, in turn. Not to mention our planet as a whole!

Plant trees, harvest biodiversity.

In the Philippines, ocean dwellers swim through groves of mangrove trees. Some small creatures are the appetizers of the marine life food chain. Without them, the bigger predators face a serious food risk.

Ever heard of the “Butterfly Effect”? Although planting a tree in Kenya might not cause a tree to be planted in Finland, it sets an example.

The butterfly effect states that one small action has the power to cause a sequence of equal or bigger actions to take place. This could be the start of a green positive chain of actions, all for the greater good.

#9. Planting Trees Sustains Life

For some, trees act as a source of food, attracting ocean life in the mangrove forests, and natural flora and fauna in rainforested areas.

Wilson Gastanes lives in the Philippines and depends on mangroves for his quality of life, collecting clams that set up home on the mangrove’s roots. Read more about him here!

Final thoughts from Click A Tree

More trees + more habitat for biodiversity + more oxygen = life in abundance!

From seed to mature tree, reforestation in a holistic perspective just makes sense. We have no doubt why trees are important. What do you think?

Click A Tree not only aims to plant forests, but to plant eco-friendly and sustainable futures as well. Did you know trees could do all this? The power to make a difference lies with you.

A world full of color is decorated with life and biodiversity, only producible by trees and habitat restoration. Do you want to combat soil erosion and save ocean life by planting a mangrove? Or, rather, do you want to save elephants by replanting habitat in Thailand? Let us help you make a difference. 

Remember, it all starts with a seed


¹ https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/holistic

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