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Meet Shushila and Kanchi

November 4, 2020
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With each new tree that’s planted, there’s a new opportunity for success! Today we share the success stories from two smiling members of our team that’s planting trees in Nepal.

With each new tree that’s planted, there’s a new opportunity for success! Today we share the success stories from two smiling members of our team that’s planting trees in Nepal.

But what were conditions like in this small Nepalese village before trees were planted? And how have they improved?

Keep on reading to find out what you made possible.

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Rautahat & The Tree Planting Nursery

The ladies erupt into laughter, their howls and their cackles seeming to shake the foundations of the land they’re working. “He did what?!” And the breathless, brilliant shrieks of laughter start all over again.

The workers dig little crosses, design little rows, build beds for the trees they plan to grow. They’re building their own new future too. 

Cool air kisses their clothing. The team chatter and gossip, far-off clouds rumble in the distance. The land they work is alive and growing again.

Shushila and Kanchi are two members of our team helping to plant trees in Nepal. Along with the other female workers, they build, manage, and maintain the tree-planting nursery.

“We’re able to support our family now.” Kanchi beams. Sushila chips in: “And of course we’re helping to reforest our village – our country – too.” The girls grin, gleaming with pride.

They’re living a happy life now. A life full of optimism. They’re part of a team and enjoy their good work in the tree-planting nursery.

But things weren’t always that way.

Kanchi picks some dirt from her nail, her brave smile slightly fading. Like picking a bad memory from a recent past.

Tougher Times in Chetnegar Rautahat

Shushila Chaudhary is just 38 years old. She lives with her husband and 6 children in Chetnegar Rautahat, southern Nepal.

That’s a lot of mouths to feed. And feeding them used to be a daily challenge. Shushila and her husband would work tirelessly on nearby farms but still found themselves in debt. 

Planting Trees & Nepal Nurseries - Meet Shushila & Kanchi. Shushila enjoys her work in the tree planting nursery and the benefits of fair work

We couldn’t have worked any harder and still there was never enough money. We didn’t think there would ever be a way out.” Shushila sighs. 

For many families in the village there was little hope. Work was hard, opportunities were few, and debt was rife.

Kanchi Maya Gurung is the eldest female in her family of nine. Contrarily, she had little escape from her home. And what does she think of that time?

“Endless…it was just endless. Most days I never left the house. There were always chores to do, something to clean. I never had anything to look forward to…I gave up on the idea of ever getting a real job.”

With no social interaction and no prospects, there was no fun. 

Not only that, the people of Manahari also had to witness the devastating impact that deforestation had on the natural environment surrounding their homes.

Planting trees does much more than just creating jobs. And, in Nepal, that work has changed a lot.

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What Difference Has Planting Trees In Nepal Made?

Nobody can believe it when Kanchi tells them about how her brother managed to burn the dinner. “Such a simple recipe too” she cackles as she tells us.

The girls are part of a team that has planted nearly 2,000 trees so far at our planting site near Chitwan National Park in the Manahari Village.

Planting Trees & Nepal Nurseries - Meet Shushila & Kanchi. Kanchi smiles while she works in the tree planting nursery

Kanchi reflects on how everything inside the home used to be her responsibility. Does she miss the housework?

“I help out where I need to! But 24/7? No…no I don’t miss that one bit.”

With wisdom worked between the deep wrinkles on her face, Kanchi smiles. She shows her surprisingly white teeth, shining. Carrying mud, filling poly pots and weeding is a little different to being stuck indoors all day.

Working at the tree-planting nursery, both women get to gossip, share stories and laugh with their colleagues. 

They’re more confident in the world outside their homes. And a fair wage means they have the opportunity to get out of debt and provide for their family.

The trees they’re planting will help to establish a new green buffer zone in Nepal. This protects the endangered animal species in the area, reduces man-made carbon and reforests the planet.

Not a bad day’s work, right?

This is all possible because you book with B’n’Tree.

Why Do B’n’Tree Plant Trees in Nepal?

We recently explained 10 reasons why trees are awesome. We also let you know that we had planted our 100,000th tree. But with your help, we hope to plant many, many more.

It’s absolutely vital that we continue to continue planting trees around the world.

In Nepal, deforestation is a major environmental issue. As well as affecting human life and destroying natural carbon sinks, endangered animal species are also left without a home. Rare and endangered species like elephants, rhinos, and tigers, all native to the area, struggle to survive without the trees they need.

Nepal is also a poor country, with a quarter of the population living below the national poverty line. Workers have been exploited – particularly in the deforestation industry. Planting trees in Nepal gives local people a stable, reliable income.

And, importantly, it helps them to heal the wounds of their country. As well as destroying soil, removing natural homes for animals, and blemishing a naturally beautiful country, there’s a devastating environmental impact. Less trees are available to help balance the effect of harmful greenhouse gases.

Reforestation in Nepal

Just like you and I, people in Nepal also need the trees to breathe.

By planting trees in Nepal, we hope to make a long-term and lasting solution. With your help, many more families will share success stories similar to those of Shushila and Kanchi.

What Can You Do To Keep The Success Stories Coming?

So how many more families could benefit from planting trees in Nepal? And where will the next success story come from?

We’ve already brought you success stories with The Miracle of Mahabana and now from Nepal. Can you help us to create even more?

The work you’ve done so far has been incredible. Thanks to you, we just planted our 100,000th tree. So let’s plant 100,000 more!

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Thanks for your efforts and your commitment so far. Let’s keep making a difference and celebrating more and more success stories like this one.

From Kanchi, Shushila, all the nursery workers, the entire B’n’Tree team and mother nature herself:

Thank you for being amazing!”

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