Allianz: How an insurance company fulfills the 17 SDGs and strengthens customer relationships

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October 14, 2022
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After Dirk Alfter, owner of the Allianz general representative discovered us at the German version of Shark Tank, he knew immediately that he wanted to be part of our mission.

As a trained arborist and long-time resident of the Ahrtal in Germany, he is aware of the dangers of climate change and therefore takes the implementation of an effective ESG strategy for his company extremely serious.

How an insurance company fulfills the 17 SDGs and strengthens their customer relationship

Our cooperation enables his company to meet all 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. The positive side effect: it also led to stronger customer relationships.

Here you can find out how Dirk’s Allianz agency creates a special connection with its customers by planting trees.

More than company gifts: Dirk Alfter’s sustainability business example

Dirk’s Allianz agency is characterized by the simple but effective implementation of its ESG strategy. For every new contract signed, the owner of the insurance agency plants a tree with Click A Tree.

In this way, the company shows its commitment to the UN’s sustainability goals and rewards its customers with a special surprise that stands out from other companies’ gifts.

A personalized certificate for the planted tree reminds customers of their very special gift.

Companies plant trees as gifts for their customers

In a video call, Dirk explains to us that his customers are aware of the state of the environment: the deforestation of large parts of our forests is a topic that keeps appearing in the news.

He reports that this has brought his Allianz agency a lot of praise from customers and even media attention, such as this report in Blick Aktuell, a German newspaper.

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3 reasons why Allianz Insurance chose Click A Tree

One of the questions Alfter is often asked is what led him to partner with Click A Tree. In his answer, he talks about three aspects of working with Click A Tree that made a crucial difference for him.

Project planning for sustainability

Based on his experience as an arborist, Dirk Alfter knows there is more to reforestation than just planting saplings in the ground as part of a one-off activity.

In Alfter’s own words, “If I go out as a company, get 1000 seedlings and plant them, I can say now that in 2 years 500 of them will be dead.” Trees need long-term care in order to survive.

Our projects are planned with longevity and sustainability in mind. The seedlings are taken care of long term, sometimes for 8 years depending on the tree species, so that they have the best chance of survival.

Click A Tree's projects fulfill the 17 SDGs


Another positive aspect for Aflter is the transparency of Click A Tree’s projects. Business owners can see exactly where their money is going and what is being achieved with it.

Even though he witnessed the results of climate change in his hometown, Dirk decided to plant outside of Europe: “Where trees grow fastest, I can adjust the CO2 balance more quickly.”

Planting trees in the tropics is more cost-effective and dramatically impacts the lives of the local population, as it not only creates permanent jobs, but also a secure source of food, education, and a fair income.

This enables Click A Tree’s projects to effectively support all 17 of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Simple set-up

The simplicity of the cooperation was an important factor for Alfter: it is fast and there is little bureaucracy.

It took less than 5 minutes to sign up to Click A Tree’s Universal Impact Platform and start planting trees.

The Universal Impact Platform provides an easy way to track your total impact in numbers: trees planted, hours worked, education supported, and plastic collected.

In Click A Tree's Universal Impact Platform you can track and share your impact from your ESG-Strategy

The marketing materials provided make it easy to market the engagement.

Supporting sustainability benefits everyone

Allianz insurance plants trees with Click A Tree

By working with us, Dirk Alfter is proud to report that his company is meeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals by offering their customers a gift that makes a real difference.

His customers appreciate the local company’s efforts to make the world a better place and their loyalty has increased as a result.

Do you want to make a valuable difference with your company, but don’t know how? In this article, 18 companies will show you how they have implemented collaboration with Click A Tree.

Become a B4B-partner: Next Steps

We hope that you have found Dirk Alfter’s sustainability business example an inspiration for integrating tree planting into your business. Giving somebody a tree is like giving them a piece of the future: A special reward for customers, clients, and employees that makes a real difference.

If you want to learn more about our projects or talk about starting a collaboration, you can reach us here.

If you and your company want to give away trees immediately, you can register with our Universal Impact Platform right away.

We look forward to working with you to create a valuable contribution to the future that benefits everyone!

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