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May 10, 2021
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Sustainable Travel is the new buzzword amongst explorers out there, whether they’re on tour for a day or a year. Everybody wants to travel responsibly and sustainably and support both the local people as well as the environment while exploring the world.

Sustainable Travel is the new buzzword amongst explorers out there, whether they’re on tour for a day or a year. Everybody wants to travel responsibly and sustainably and support both the local people as well as the environment while exploring the world.

Yet traveling sustainably, especially when traveling internationally, is a challenge. But none that you cannot master. We know you are clever. Otherwise you wouldn’t read this article.

So let us explain what “sustainable travel” actually means and how it is easiest done. Let us make sustainable travel simple. For you. And for everyone else in love with exploring this planet.

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Note: As B’n’Tree is by far the cheapest (it’s free!) and simplest option to make travel more sustainable, please share this wonderful concept with everyone who loves to leave home at times. We can all make a difference, and every tree counts.

The Definition of Sustainable Travel

Before discussing how to travel sustainably, let’s first establish what sustainable travel actually is.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) defines sustainable tourism as

That is a lot of content in one sentence, and a lot to ask for of someone who wants to enjoy some time away from home exploring new places, lands and cultures.

We decided to make sustainable travel simple and feasible for everyone. Let’s start by making the definition of sustainable travel simple.

The Definition of Sustainable Travel Decomplicated

As above definition of sustainable travel is quite a mouthful, here is our take on it:

That means: Don’t harm the environment. Don’t harm animals. Don’t harm the people whose country you visit.

In case you’re amazing (we know you are), go one step further: Instead of not just harming no one, you could benefit both nature and the locals with your journey! Why aim for having no impact, if in fact you could have a positive impact?

Sustainable Travel Made Simple

We know, our definition sounds simple, but is still a lot to ask for. Which is why we created B’n’Tree. When booking your next business trip or upcoming vacations by beginning your journey on, we will plant trees for you. For free!

And not just one. One for every booking!

Let’s assume you embark on a 10-day vacation. We could e.g. plant one tree for you when booking your flights with Skyscanner, another tree for that rental car you found on Expedia, two trees for securing two separate hotels on Booking, plus another five trees when purchasing an excursion every other day via TripAdvisor.

That’s 10 trees for a 10-day vacation! One tree per day! Well done, you!

Why Planting Trees Makes Travel More Sustainable

Alright, so we’re planting trees for you. But does that make your trip sustainable already?

Let’s be 100% honest with you here: The most sustainable option for you would be to stay at home – and plant trees nonetheless.

However, as we understand that you do want to (or at times even have to) travel, planting trees while traveling is the next best option.

Looking at the UNWTO definition of sustainable travel above, it mentions economic, social and environmental impacts. Planting free trees with B’n’Tree covers all three of these:

The Economic Impact Of Planting Trees

B’n’Tree employs local communities to help reforest their country. We pay our employees fair salaries, often being the first stable full-time salary they ever received.

In addition, the communities have full rights to use the trees they plant. In case they plant fruit trees, they can harvest the fruit. If it’s timber trees, they can sustainably harvest firewood or construction material (e.g. by chopping off one branch at a time, not the entire tree).

Furthermore, the communities profit from the benefits trees bring with them, such as wildlife (or fish, in the case of mangroves) returning to the area that can be hunted or water cycles that are restored and help water farmland.

The Social Impact Of Planting Trees

Planting trees at first looks like an environmental activity with little social impact. However, taking a closer look, one quickly realizes that all life depends on trees, making their social impact impossible to ignore.

Out of all the social impacts of planting trees enlisted above already in the economic impacts of planting trees section, the most important being that of creating employment. These newly created full-time jobs allow workers to send their children to school, getting them off the streets, saving them from child labor or worse.

In addition, we educate the youngest generation that planting trees and guarding forests instead of cutting them down provides for a sustainable income for the entire family. This way all generations to come will wholeheartedly protect the trees they have planted.

The Environmental Impact Of Planting Trees

You surely are aware that planting trees helps offset carbon emissions and hence combat climate change, since trees store CO2. Trees also restore water cycles, protect smaller plants and prevent soil erosion.

Furthermore, trees are valuable habitat for thousands of (partially endangered) wildlife species. We already mentioned that almost all life depends on trees, and animals are no exception here. Whether these creatures need trees as home, shelter or food source, almost all land-based animals would vanish from Earth if it wasn’t for trees.

You see, traveling sustainably not just gives you a great feeling of doing good. It actually changes a lot of things all across the globe for the better.

Why B’n’Tree Is The Best Solution To Travel More Sustainably

B’n’Tree is the best solution to travel more sustainably because it is so simple to do. You add one extra mouse click to your booking journey and have planted a real tree.

It doesn’t cost you a single Cent to participate. As long as your hotel, flight and excursion bookings originate on, we take care of all the heavy lifting of planting trees.

All you need to invest is one single click of your mouse!

Can it get any better? Simpler? Cheaper?

Is Planting Trees The Ultimate Solution For Responsible Travelers?

In short: No. If you really want to be a responsible traveler, there are a couple more thoughts to take on your journey. Amongst others, these include: Shop locally, respect local customs and traditions, reduce waste as much as possible and don’t litter.

Simply put, as stated above: Don’t be a dick. It’s not that hard.

Beginning all your journeys on is a great first step. Let us know how much further you go in addition to that.

Share your finest hacks on responsible travel in our Facebook discussion on Sustainable Travel Made Simple, so everyone can profit from your knowledge and wisdom – or help answer any questions and queries you may have.

Thank you!

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