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May 21, 2021
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B’n’Tree plants trees for travelers because trees are not only great to look at but they serve various important purposes. We’ll tell you all about how and why you should plant a tree when you fly overseas for business or leisure, or across the country for a music festival. When you travel for a family visit or on a hiking trip for the day.

B’n’Tree plants trees for travelers because trees are not only great to look at but they serve various important purposes. We’ll tell you all about how and why you should plant a tree when you fly overseas for business or leisure, or across the country for a music festival. When you travel for a family visit or on a hiking trip for the day.

Let’s have a look at why travelers love trees and why we all should plant more of them. And, of course, how we can all do that – for free.

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Travelers Love Trees

It doesn’t matter if it’s a green park on a city trip, the smell of pine trees when you’re camping, lush rainforests or Mangrove trees for the divers between us: travelers have a deep appreciation for trees.

Trees provide shade in the summer heat and provide protection when the rain starts pouring. They gift us with fresh local fruit when hunger is calling.

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Can you imagine a forest trail without trees? A camping trip without green?

We can’t. And that’s why we plant trees for travelers. Because travelers love trees.

But in addition to any selfish motives, trees do much more than just improve your travel experience.

By planting trees when booking your travels, you make a difference for local communities and endangered species around the world. Find out how simple it is to make your travels more sustainable and how far a couple of key strokes can go to reforesting the planet.

Which Travelers Depend on Trees?

Every type of traveler depends on trees. In fact, it’s hard to think of a single trip where trees won’t bring some form of benefit for travelers.

Imagine this: You’re in the Philippines and you’re about to head into the ocean for a diving session. As soon as you stick your head under water, you see the vast variety of marine life and beautiful colorful corals. This is possible because Mangrove Trees offer protection for underwater life, while also keeping silt and soil from damaging coral reefs.

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Meanwhile, travelers on city trips appreciate the green escape that trees in city parks provide in sometimes stuffy, crowded places.

Do we even have to mention camping trips? Camping would just not be the same without trees. They create a natural shelter and provide a home for the birds and their morning song.

That’s why we’re so diligently planting trees for travelers. As you know, whenever you book a travel, we plant a tree – for free!

You don’t even have to go abroad to plant a tree. Day trips, weekend escapes or visiting family across the country all require travel bookings.

And by simply starting every travel reservation on B’n’Tree, you’ll be one of the stars helping to reforest the planet.

Disclaimer: You still book through your favorite travel agency but by using B’n’Tree’s link, you’ll plant a tree. No extra cost for you.

Why Should Travelers Plant Trees?

There are so many reasons why travelers should plant trees. Here are our top three:

1. Protect the Environment

Traveler numbers are at a record high. This means that more people are exploring the planet than ever before. There’s more demand and along with that, there’s unfortunately more waste. 

BnTree Planting trees while traveling

Sadly, deforestation is also at a record high. Thankfully, there are no evil-twin-versions of B’n’Tree, offering to chop down a tree for every holiday booked!

We always try to stay optimistic at B’n’Tree and believe there’s an opportunity to reverse this misleading statistic. You can now travel more sustainably than ever before and plant a tree when you book a trip.

If, like us, you believe that more travelers should mean more trees being planted, then we have the solution for just that.

There’s a good chance you’re going to fall in love with the new place you’re visiting – why not try to help protect it? Help to reforest the area so that when you come back, it’s even better.

BnTree Planting trees while traveling

When you book via B’n’Tree we’ll plant a tree at absolutely no cost to you. As your tree grows it will absorb more and more carbon emissions. Your simple click can even save threatened habitats. And that’s without even mentioning the benefits to some of your favorite, famous animals.

Let your friends and family know about this sustainable travel hack and share this article with them.

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2. The Animals We Love Need a Home

So many of the animals we love would vanish without trees. When we think of deforestation, we imagine barren landscapes and a rise in greenhouse gases. 

However, deforestation also destroys the homes of many animals. If it doesn’t remove their home, it removes the home of their predators, their prey or their nesting grounds. One small action goes a long, long way.

Trees are also an unsung hero when it comes to protecting some of the world’s most amazing landscapes. Their roots prevent soil erosion and decrease the size of waves hitting the shoreline. All while providing a home for sea life, bird life and other precious ecosystems.

That’s where your help comes in. Your small action can go a long way too. By planting a tree you’ll ensure that your favorite animals have a habitat to thrive in. Think of Thailand’s adorable elephants.

By simply choosing to book your travels through the B’n’Tree link, you help create habitat for endangered species.

3. Creating Jobs for Local People

Some of the countries that we plant trees in are also some of the world’s poorest. As well as destroying precious natural habitats to make money, some governments have made life pretty tough for local people. In certain countries there are few job opportunities, and a complete lack of resources. There are no stable incomes. There’s not even cash to provide children with an education.

By planting trees, you’re helping to provide a safe and stable income to the local people there. Even better, their work is green and sustainable! Trees are so important for travelers, but they really matter to local people too.

Planting trees creates a beautiful new cycle of sustainability. Locals are paid a fair wage. More trees are planted. Villages can construct schools and provide the next generation with an environmental education. At least, that’s what happened with Boto and Mary, in the Miracle Story of Mahabana – a hugely inspiring read.

While you’re here, you can also sign-up for our informative newsletter GROW. Even better, if you sign up now we’ll plant a tree at absolutely no cost to you. What are you waiting for? 

How Can You Help Plant More Trees?

We’ve spoken about how important trees are for your own next trip and in general, and we hope you’re stoked to plant trees yourself now. So here are some thoughts on how you can help to plant more trees.

You can plant trees before your journey with us. Booking via our page will lead you to all of the accommodation and travel services you could possibly need. This doesn’t just have to be the big trip you’ve saved up for. 

Going to a concert in a different city? Plant a tree. Road-tripping around your home country with friends? Plant a tree. Business meeting with a partner or client? Plant a tree.

See where we’re going with this? Every time you go travel you can help plant more trees.

As you’re broadening your horizons and exploring other cultures, why not make a positive impact? Help by planting a tree and making a lasting difference wherever you visit. 

Your Take On Trees For Travelers

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