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The world’s best elephant joke

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As Click A Tree exists because of elephants, we are often asked for elephant jokes. But not after some elephant joke, of course. It has to be the world’s best elephant joke. And of course you’ve earned it.

Little Max visits the zoo with his mom for the first time in his life. Naturally, he is extremely fascinated by all the animals, which he is experiencing live for the first time.

He enthusiastically starts up the long necks of the giraffes. Laugh at the funny little monkeys. And really wants to take home such a cute baby bear.

At least he gets an ice cream. That’s already a start.

The two stroll leisurely from one enclosure to the next until they finally arrive at the elephant enclosure. Three elephant cows and a handsome bull live here.

Max is naturally delighted – especially by the mighty bull. These huge tusks. The large, gray ears. The muscular trunk. The … eh … wait a minute. What is that?

“Mom, what’s that between the elephant’s legs?”

“Max, the one between the elephant’s legs is … eh … oh.” When Max’s mum realizes what her son is staring at, she turns red and starts stuttering. “That, eh… well… that’s nothing. Come on, let’s move on.”

And with that, she drags Max on to the Löwegehege.

Of course, Max is by no means satisfied with this answer.

A week later, he quickly grabs his dad and drags him to the zoo.

We pass the giraffes, the monkeys are left behind and the cute baby bears are completely ignored. Max marches straight to the elephant enclosure, points to the bull and asks:

“Dad, what’s that between the elephant’s legs?”

Dad swells a little with pride at being able to pass on valuable father-son knowledge to his son. “That, my son, is a penis.”

“A penis?” Max asks in amazement. “But, when I was here with mom last week, she said it was nothing!”

Max’s dad grins smugly: “Well, son, what can I say – your mother is just too spoiled in that respect.”

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