Expat News And B’n’Tree: “Elephant Habitat Is Being Destroyed”

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Expat News is – you guessed it – a news portal for German expats. They regularly update elsewhere-living Germans on news about taxes, law, lifestyle, events and other useful things a German may need to survive outside Angela Merkel’s empire.

This month, Expat News conducted an interview with B’n’Tree founder Chris Kaiser. They talk about living and working on five different continents, why elephants are the coolest animals in the world and how Chris stays informed and optimistic without following the news (hint: That’s why.).

The interview was conducted and is hence published in German. Should you not know the difference between “der, die and das”, simply look at the cute elephant images in the article.

Summary: We need to plant more trees. Our planet and its inhabitants all need them. (Here are three easy ways how to help the planet today.)

Here’s the full Expat News Interview with B’n’Tree Founder Chris Kaiser.

Expat News bei B’n’Tree Elefantenlebensraum wird zerstoert auf bedandtree


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