One Father’s Day Gift You Don’t Want To Miss

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It’s that time of year already! What ideas do you have for a Father’s Day gift? Do you know when Father’s Day first started? How about where it started? Who’s Sonora, and what does she have to do with it all anyway?

Interested? Good. Keep on reading to discover everything you need to know about Father’s Day, and why this holiday matters. You’ll get all the inspiration you need for the perfect gift and, just for good measure, you’ll learn some fun Father’s Day facts as well.

One Father's Day Gift You Don't Want To Miss

What Is Father’s Day And When Is It Celebrated?

Father’s Day is a dedicated day on the annual calendar where we celebrate fatherhood and the influence of fatherhood within our society.

It’s celebrated all over the world in many different ways, and even on different days.

One Father's Day Gift You Don't Want To Miss. An excited dad celebrates his daughter's first steps

The Original Father’s Day

The celebration of Father’s Day began in Europe, as far back as the 16th century.

Within the Catholic church, St Joseph is recognized as the fatherly “nourisher of the lord.” So his feast day (that’ll be March 19th) makes for a fitting Father’s Day. This is the original Father’s Day, and it still is for some European countries.

However, the more popular date is the one established by the U.S.A. 

The Father’s Day We Know Today

A determined Sonora Smart Dodd (one of six children raised by her single father) began her quest to recognize Father’s Day as a national holiday in 1909. Her tenacity paid off, and the state of Washington celebrated its first official Father’s Day on June 19th, 1910.

One Father's Day Gift You Don't Want To Miss. Grandfathers are celebrated on Father's Day as well

The popular celebration spread from state to state. And, in 1972, President Nixon signed the national holiday into law.

Today, the 3rd Sunday in June is the most common day to celebrate Father’s Day around the world.

A Simple And Sustainable Father’s Day Gift

We’ve all been through the struggle of trying to buy a gift that shows just how much we appreciate our dad’s or step-dad’s love.

One Father's Day Gift You Don't Want To Miss. A father and child walk into the sea while the sun sets

We love spending quality time together and thanking our dads and step-dads for all of their efforts. But a bottle of nice whisky disappears in a few months. Gift vouchers can be unimaginative, and does he really need a new shirt?

We know you want to show your gratitude with an amazing Father’s Day gift – even for the dad who already has everything. And that’s why this year, you should buy him a tree.

One Father's Day Gift You Don't Want To Miss. Trees make for a perfect gift this Father's Day

Trust us. It’s an even better gift than you could have hoped for.

Why A Tree Is Guaranteed To Make His Day

In the Best Gift Ever (link coming soon), we tell you about the five criteria for identifying the world’s most perfect gift. 

We know that gifts need to be universal, tangible, flexible, affordable, and sustainable.

And once you’ve read that article too, you’ll discover that trees are the perfect gift for any occasion.

More specifically, they’re an imaginative and long-lasting gift for Father’s Day too. Here’s why.

Help Your Dad Leave Behind A Legacy

No matter which dad you speak to around the world, he takes pride in what he does and doesn’t do. More importantly, he works hard to make sure that he’s remembered in a positive way, and that his time hasn’t been wasted.

That’s why he’s such a loving father to you.

One Father's Day Gift You Don't Want To Miss. A father and son spend valuable time together

Dads, step-dads, grandads, and all the other fatherly figures want to leave behind a better world for the people they love. They want to create a positive and far-reaching legacy: you can help them do that.

Every man should plant a tree, have a child, and write a book. These all live on after us, ensuring a measure of immortality.”

– Jose Martí

He’s already had a child – that’s what makes him a dad. And although you can’t write a book for him, you can plant a tree for him with a few simple clicks on your computer.

Then, when you give him the gift of a tree for Father’s Day, he’ll know that the tree you’ve planted on his behalf will continue to preserve our beautiful planet and its future. 

Your Gift Will Have A Long-Term Effect

Is there something you do or say that frequently reminds your dad of a funny memory? We’ll bet there is. And giving him a tree for his Father’s Day gift will have exactly the same effect.

One Father's Day Gift You Don't Want To Miss. Four generations of men within one family

Even though he may not be able to physically touch the gift planted on his behalf, he’ll always know that somewhere in the world, his tree is making a long-term difference. And that’s all that matters.

“Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

― Greek Proverb

He’ll be reminded of his special tree every single time he sees one. On every walk through the park, or any break in the countryside, every lunch break in the city, he’ll be reminded of the special gift you gave to him. Basically, he’ll think of you and your wonderful gift every single day!

Our Trees Appeal To A Dad’s Care And Love

Our aim is to keep sustainability simple – but you still get to choose which type of tree you would like us to plant for you.

And out of all your choices, Trees For Tuskers are the most obvious gift for Father’s Day.

The largest land animal on our planet is an elephant. They have the biggest hearts, just like our fathers, and they’re amazingly strong – although they can also be very gentle and caring. The comparisons are obvious.

But that’s not to say that our other trees aren’t suitable. When you purchase A Tree For Entreepreneurs (get it?), for example, you’ll be helping to give another son or daughter somewhere in the world a great opportunity. 

That’s because our Trees for Entreepreneurs also help to support a business school in Ghana. When you commit to planting a tree there, you’re also helping young teenagers develop the business and IT skills they need to create a better future for themselves.

What more could a dad ask for?

Find out exactly what we’re talking about with our Ghana Project Introduction.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Gifting Trees?

Thank you! We’re so glad you asked! How did you know that we loved discussing the benefits of planting trees around the world?

Trees are natural carbon sinks, and planting as many as we can is one of the most effective ways to battle climate change. They provide a home to so many different animals, and even grow the food they need to survive.

But there are benefits for humankind too. Trees provide us with the oxygen we need to survive. Planting trees creates a stable, reliable income for families in developing countries. They reduce social inequality, improve global sustainability, and even boost economic growth. 

And if you didn’t already know that, then find how planting trees with Click A Tree contributes to 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations (UN). You’ll also discover the only SDG that isn’t supported by planting trees with us.

Click A Tree & The Sustainable Development Goals. Kids have brighter smiles with better prospects

We’re incredibly fortunate to have trees. And that’s why we need to keep on planting more.

Plant A Tree For Father’s Day… But Don’t Stop There!

So what will it be? A nice bottle of whisky for Father’s Day? Or a few Trees For Entreepreneurs? A bag of artisan coffee beans? Or a home for a cute baby elephant? What about all of it?

One Father's Day Gift You Don't Want To Miss. A baby elephant needs love and protection

We hope the choice isn’t too difficult for you – your dad or step-dad is going to love his Father’s Day gift. You’re going to love the minimal effort it requires on your behalf.

Just follow the links to our shop, select how many trees you want to buy, and click to complete your purchase. It really is that simple. 

Drop a comment below to let us know all about it. Join in with our conversation about why trees are the best gifts for Father’s Day, and be sure to capture the moment on camera, tagging us on Instagram.

Stay awesome, keep on spreading the word, and have a fantastic Father’s Day!

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