The B’n’Tree Grow Show In Chiang Mai: Feb 2019 Recap

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Here it comes: The much-anticipated B’n’Tree February Grow Show. With the big bang we promised you.

94 seconds of sensational news. Watch. Enjoy. Congratulate yourself. This is what you made possible.



Note: The B’n’Tree Grow Show replaces last year’s “Growth Reports”. As my beloved mentor Sabine rightfully pointed out: Nobody likes reports, since they sound like tons of words and graphs and stats and chhrrrr.

At B’n’Tree, our monthly updates are exciting, short, cool and full of great news, so they deserve a name that reflects that: Welcome to the B’n’Tree Grow Show.

The Big Bang February

After saving up some money in December and January, plus the earnings we received in February, we were able to plant a total of 20,000 trees!

That is almost as much as we had planted in the entire history of B’n’Tree thus far – in one single month!

Of course, we would not have been able to do this all by ourselves. This is why we’ll dedicate our next blog post to our diligent partners in Kenya.

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Thank you for being incredible! You rock!


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