The B’n’Tree Grow Show Above The Clouds: Jan 2019 Recap

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Want to know how many trees we planted last month thanks to your support?

Here’s the B’n’Tree Grow Show Jan ’19 recap. Please share with someone who loves to travel!



Note: The B’n’Tree Grow Show replaces last year’s “Growth Reports”. As my beloved mentor Sabine rightfully pointed out: Nobody likes reports, since they sound like tons of words and graphs and stats and chhrrrr.

At B’n’Tree, our monthly updates are exciting, short, cool and full of great news, so they deserve a name that reflects that: Welcome to the B’n’Tree Grow Show.



The B’n’Tree Grow Show: January 2019 Results

What a fantastic start into the new year: In January 2019, we planted 1,327 trees thanks to all the bookings you began on

In addition, we planted 45 trees for all new newsletter subscribers in January. (In case you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, you can do so here.)

That’s a total of 1,372 trees for January! Over 60% increase compared to December 2018! Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for being so terrifically amazing!

Where We Planted Trees For January

In January 2019, Madagascar grew another 1,300 mangrove trees. This brings the total number to over 15,000 trees since the inception of B’n’Tree. A fantastic result – enabled by wonderful people like you.

Another 72 trees were planted in California, which finally brings us into the 3-digits here. A lot of forest remains to be reforested – so please keep on using B’n’Tree as your default website whenever thinking to travel, and please keep spreading the word to all your friends, fans and colleagues.

To see how many trees we have planted in total so far and where we planted them, please take a look at the B’n’Tree tree-planting sites.

The Big Bang February

As announced last month, we are preparing a big surprise for February. Stay tuned – it will be huge!

To not miss it, sign up for our newsletter to be kept in the loop.

HRS Joins B’n’Tree

HRS, the super popular German hotel booking platform, has finally joined B’n’Tree as well. Let your German-speaking friends know – they will love you for it. Feel free to share this brief blog post with them: HRS Joins B’n’Tree.

As a result, we also updated both our German B’n’Tree poster and our English B’n’Tree poster. Download them now and send them out via email or print them and hang them up in your local supermarket, library, gym and office to maximize your positive impact on this planet.

See The English Poster Deutsches Poster Ansehen


Wherever you go: Whenever you think travel, think We plant trees for you – for free!

We wish you safe travels. And please stay awesome!


Your B’n’Tree Team

Thank you for being incredible! You rock!


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