B’n’Tree Grow Show: Planting Update Q3 2019 (Video)

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July, August and September were super successful months for B’n’Tree – thanks to your sensational support! We reached a huge tree-planting milestone, welcomed new brands to the co-operation and planted trees in countries we’ve never been to before.

But what’s this important milestone you ask? And which countries did we help to reforest? No but seriously, what’s this huge tree-planting milestone? Find out in just 72 seconds with the new video from Chris below!

Where Were Trees Planted in July, August & September?

From the first day of July through ‘til the last day of September we planted 26,650 trees. Nearly 300 trees were planted every single day for the last three months. This included planting trees in some new countries, as well as a few old favorites.


In the last three months, the majority of the trees we planted were in Kenya. Kenya is back by popular demand, as promised in our last Grow Show for May & June.

The 24,000 trees we’ve planted in Kenya will help the animal habitat in the Masai Mara area including lions, leopards and elephants. 

Importantly, the 24,000 trees we’ve planted will also help the local Maasai tribe that we work with. We plant trees on their land, and provide them with a stable income for their hard work.

Take a read about the social and environmental benefits of reforesting Kenya.

B'n'Tree Reforesting Kenya for free Why How and Where bedandtree plants trees in Kenya (1)


We planted 1,000 trees in Tanzania for the first time. This was part of a new tree-planting project and we’re excited to see how these new trees help the monkeys, zebras and buffaloes famous in the area.


Ghana is another country that we’d previously never planted trees in. 

We planted 100 trees in Ghana, in a project which was part-funded by Koncept Hotels. If you missed the announcement of that exciting new partnership, then find out how you can plant trees with Koncept Hotels here.


This was our third time planting on the borders of the Chitwan National Park. The 750 trees we planted here are helping to establish a new green buffer zone. This is especially important for the people that call the area home, but tigers and other animals will thrive as well.


And if you’ve been following our B’n’Tree adventures for a while, you’ll know all about Madagascar! This is our second biggest planting site, after all, and we added to that with another 750 trees.

This is where we plant mangrove trees, which are slightly different to the trees we normally plant. They help to protect the fragile land, as well as valuable marine life like turtles. Follow this link to find out more about why and where we plant trees in Madagascar.

B'n'Tree Reforesting Madagascar for free Why How and Where bedandtree plants trees in Madagascar


Just because Brazil’s too hot at the moment (not just politically) it doesn’t mean that we can’t continue reforesting the Amazon. We planted 97 trees in Brazil before, but this time we decided to focus on Peru instead. 

We planted 50 new trees in Peru and we’re still searching for further reliable partners to help reforest the Amazon. The elusive black jaguar – among other animals – needs these trees to survive.

If you know someone, please get in touch.

Where Did The Planted Trees Come From?

As with our Grow Show for May and June, the majority of the 300 trees we planted every day for the last three months came from bookings beginning on clickatree.com

In addition we planted trees for our amazing B2B partners. Partners like Koncept Hotels plant a tree for every booking made on their website. Other partners like SMX IT Consulting plant a tree for every new IT project they take on board.

In due course we’ll even let you know how you can plant trees while eating sushi!

But we also planted 163 trees from the new subscribers to our GROW newsletter. If for some crazy reason you haven’t already subscribed, then pretty please, fill in the super-quick form below. All you need is your name and email address.

Sign-up and we plant a tree. Simple as that.

And while you’re at it, why not share some of the success stories from our Instagram page? Tell your followers about our Fridays for Future article, or our recent appearance at the FVW Kongress 2019. Who knows, maybe your followers will want to help plant a free tree too. Can you blame them?!

Drumrolls For The Tree-Planting Milestone Reveal!

OK, we’ve kept you waiting long enough. Drumroll please!

In the last three months, you helped us reach an incredible milestone. Ready for it?

Since B’n’Tree began, you’ve now helped to plant more than 100,000 trees. 

100,000 trees! Isn’t that amazing? We certainly think it’s something worth celebrating. You can now proudly say that you’re part of a team that has helped put more than 100,000 new trees on the planet. Give yourself some credit and share above or below image on social media.

For bonus karma points, please tag B’n’Tree with @1click1tree (Facebook) and @clickatree (Instagram). Thank you!

Hands Up if you planted trees with B'n'Tree on bedandtree

You made sure your bookings started on our page, spread the word and told your friends all about clickatree.com. You always remembered us and we’re so thankful!

Thank You for planting trees Q3 Grow Show on B'n'Tree bedandtree

But there’s still so much work to do. Let’s keep the momentum going and reforest the planet with 100,000 more trees.

How? The simplest way is to share this post with your network. The more people use B’n’Tree, the better.

Take a second to share this post. We’re waiting here for you.

What Else Have We Been Doing?

Even though we’ve celebrated 100,000 trees being planted, we’ve still been working hard. During this time we’ve also developed the Tree Planting Assistant. Now, you get the chance to see when and where you can plant a tree for free – just by surfing the web.

Plant Trees While Surfing The Web_ The Click A Tree Tree-Planting Assistant on B'n'Tree bedandtree

And if that’s not enough, we’ve also published 111 tips on how to travel more sustainably in our Green Travel Guide. Have a read through some of the ways you can make a difference when you travel. Many of them can be applied at home, and will even help save you cash too.

100+ Sustainable Travel Tips in the B'n'Tree Green Travel Guide on B'n'Tree bedandtree Lead Image

On top of all of that, we’ve also announced new partnerships with some of the biggest names in the travel industry. TUI Villas, Reservations.com and HotelSpecials have all partnered up with us to help plant even more trees. 

And, as mentioned before, there are more to come. Who do you think we should plant trees with? Drop a comment below!

A Summary of the July – September GrowShow

B’n’Tree Grow Show: July – September 2019. A huge tree-planting milestone reached!

OK, so who has a checklist? Let’s sum up what you helped us create.

26,650 new trees? Check. The 100,000 trees-planted landmark reached? Check. New tree-planting projects in new countries? Check. Saving endangered species and reducing harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere? Of course. 

Not a bad few months, right? Thanks for helping us to achieve all of this!

We’ve got some more exciting projects in the pipeline, and we’ll let you know all about them soon. In the meantime, get involved with our Facebook discussions about our July – September Grow Show, #FridaysForFuture and more. 

Thanks for all your support. Keep the good ideas coming, and we’ll keep finding new ways to help you plant more trees. Until then,

Your B’n’Tree team


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