66 seconds to sum up our planting achievements from March and April. It’s a short video – but packed with sensational news!

Watch it. Learn how many trees we have planted. And where. In March and April, we have started planting in three new countries, because you asked for it.

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In March And April We Planted Over 24,000 Trees!

In March and April combined we planted over 24,000 trees. Twenty-four thousand three hundred and twelve, to be exact. That’s a huge lot of trees, and brings our total planting stats to over 78,000 trees since inception of B’n’Tree! Thank you for making this possible!

We planted the vast majority of trees thanks to you booking your travels via bedandtree.com as well as via sales from Click A Tree. (Have you heard of Click A Tree yet? No? Go check it out. It let’s you plant trees with the click of your mouse, even when you’re not traveling. And on top of that it helps keep B’n’Tree free for you to use.)

In addition, we planted 8 trees for our Instagram tree giveaway and 101 trees for our new newsletter subscribers. If you’d like to plant a tree right now, sign up for our newsletter – we plant one tree for every subscriber.

In case you have subscribed already: Here is how you can easily plant another dozen of trees without paying a single Cent for it.

Where We Planted In March And April

As you may have noticed already, we have added a new feature to B’n’Tree: Every time you begin a booking on bedandtree.com, and have selected your preferred booking platform, we ask you where you would like your tree to be planted.

Possible planting sites are both existing sites as well as new locations. The latter are only offered once we have found trustworthy partners, of course.

So for March and April, 24,312 trees were planted as follows:

  • 22,500 new trees for Kenya. Sesbania and acacia trees as elephant habitat and for cleaner air in Nairobi
  • 1,100 mangrove trees planted on Madagascar’s West Coast to prevent coastal soil erosion, clean the water and create habitat for small fish, birds, crabs and other marine wildlife.
  • 442 – the first trees B’n’Tree has planted in Indonesia, re-creating orangutan habitat.
  • 200 additional trees go to Nepal, to reforest tiger habitat.
  • 70 trees for Brazil. A humble beginning. Let’s see how much further we can grow here.

Thank You Video

To thank you for all your sensational support, our partner Eden Reforestation Projects has created a wonderful thank you video for you. Take a minute and watch it – you deserve it.

Further News From B’n’Tree

Besides these sensational tree-planting stats, there are lots of further news we’re happy to share with you. The first politicians have endorsed B’n’Tree, we got featured in a lot of interviews, articles and social media posts, and we rocked a startup elevator pitch contest in South-West Germany.

You can read about all this on our blog, on Facebook and on Instagram. And you should subscribe to our newsletter to be kept in the loop about all future developments.

Thank you for being the amazing person you are! Please keep that up, and keep sharing your awesomeness with the rest of the planet. YOU ROCK!

We love you.

Your B’n’Tree Team.


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