B’n’Tree Grow Show: May and June 2019 (Video)

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Here’s our latest video – all of 207 seconds – to sum up all the great things we achieved during May and June of 2019.

Watch the quick flick as Chris explains all the brilliant news from the last couple of months. We’re working harder than ever to keep planting trees – and all thanks to you. More people are joining our cause than ever before. We’re really excited by how many new world-changers are supporting us and how many of you are helping us to plant trees around the world.

Check out the clip and you can learn about how many trees we’ve planted. You can learn about where we planted trees. And, of course, why. (Hint: A new study shows it can stop climate change!)


In May and June We Planted Nearly 2,000 Trees!

During the months of May and June this year we’ve planted a little short of 2,000 trees. 1,994 trees to be exact: that’s roughly 30 new trees being planted every single day for two months straight. Not bad, right?

That brings our total to 77,764 trees planted. And that’s only since the birth of B’n’Tree. We’re so happy to have been able to plant this many trees: none of it would have been possible without you. As we continue to grow and more people discover the remarkable benefits of planting trees, we can’t wait to watch that number boom further.

As with March and April, the majority of the May and June trees were planted as a result of bookings made through bedandtree.com. Simply by booking your accommodation and other travel services via our domain, a free tree is planted. It doesn’t cost you a cent.

In addition, an incredible 59 of these trees were planted as a result of people signing up for our GROW newsletter. How amazing is that? You sign up to a form online and a much-needed tree is planted somewhere in the world. You also get to keep up-to-date with our news and announcements. If you haven’t yet, sign up now.

Have you shared B’n’Tree with your colleagues already? Family and friends? Please make sure and share now!

Now You Can Choose Where To Plant Your Tree

Just like we mentioned in our last Grow Show, we’ve listened to all of your awesome input. You wanted to choose which exciting tree-planting project you could contribute to, and we’ve acted on that.

Every time you make a booking on clickatree.com with your chosen booking platform, we ask you where you would like your tree to be planted. You can select which project you’d like to support, or leave it up to us to decide where those trees are needed most urgently.

We’re constantly finding new places to plant trees. Since so many of you have contributed, we’re now able to now start planting trees in even more places.

Where We Planted Trees in May and June

So here is where we planted the 1,994 trees for May and June:


940 trees planted in Nepal in the Chitwan National Park. This was our second time planting trees here. We’re establishing a new green buffer zone, vital for the people there. Tigers, among other animals, will thrive in the new habitat.


710 trees planted in Madagascar. This is our second biggest planting site, where we’ve been planting valuable mangrove trees. Turtles and other marine life are benefitting hugely in the water where the trees are planted. Meanwhile, land-based animals like lemurs are also provided with a new home. If you haven’t already, read the wonderful story for Boto, Japo and Mary, a family that plants trees in Madagascar.


150 trees in Botswana, helping to build the Green Belt. This was our first time planting here, so it was a relatively modest donation from us this time. We’re hoping to see some great news here in the future and continue contributing. Botswana is famous for its native cheetah population – the Green Belt promises to help preserve their population.


97 trees planted in Brazil, as part of the Atlantic Forest project. This is our second time planting in this fantastic location. In some areas the elusive jaguar is threatened and near extinction as a result of habitat loss – thanks to your support we are rebuilding homes for it to hunt and hide in.


97 trees planted in India, helping to re-develop a habitat for the endangered slender loris. This is our first time planting in this new location, though we’ve planted trees in India before. This donation also helps create new homes for the adorable asian elephants.

How About Kenya?

This time we haven’t planted trees in Kenya, since we always do that in big numbers, as you saw in our last Grow Show. But of course we have recorded all your wishes to plant further trees in Kenya, and we will continue to do so.

B'n'Tree Grow Show March And April 2019 in Leipzig on B'n'Tree bedandtree

The B’n’Tree Grow Show from April and May. Click on the image to watch the 66 seconds video.

Further Proof of The Benefits of Planting Trees

All of our clever readers know about the benefits of planting trees. But just how much do you know? You probably already knew about their effect on balancing greenhouse gases, providing work and creating healthy habitats for endangered species.

But the most efficient way to reduce carbon in the atmosphere? Scientists at Swiss university ETH Zürich discovered the ‘mind-blowing’ power of battling climate change by planting trees. It’s believed that up to 200bn tonnes of carbon could be removed in this remarkable, powerful new finding.

More Great News With B’n’Tree

We’ve just announced our exciting new partnership with Koncept Hotels. To celebrate, they’ve provided funding to plant 30 new trees – without a single booking being made! We’ve also been featured in a few magazines and blogs lately, which we constantly share on our blog, social media sites and in our supporter section.

You can read about all of our latest exciting announcements and ones soon to arrive on our blog. Share our articles on Facebook, get involved with our Instagram page. If for some reason you haven’t signed up to our GROW newsletter, then what are you waiting for? Sign up now and plant a tree today!

Aside from that, join our Facebook conversation about the growing efforts of May and June, and leave a comment below on what you think where we should start planting next.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference. Keep spreading the word, keep being amazing, and we’ll try our best to keep up. Until the next thrilling announcement, take care.

Your B’n’Tree Team


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