B’n’Tree Grow Show: Planting Update Q4 2019 (Video)

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During Q4 2019, you helped us to continue the good work all the way to the end of the decade! That included more trees, more tree planting projects in new countries, and Kamee the elephant scoring the easiest job in the world. Which new countries did Q4 take us to? What does the next decade hold? How did your bookings plant more than 4,000 trees? And is there really an elephant now spending her time pooping in the forests we’re growing Chris reveals all in a mere 100 seconds below. https://youtu.be/RMEaR5KmKus  

How Many More Trees Were Planted in October, November & December?

We managed to plant more than 4,000 trees in just three months – 4,008 to be exact. That’s roughly 300 trees every week for three whole months.  Isn’t that great news? Sadly, these new trees are desperately needed all over the world – now more than ever. That being the case, we’re super excited to start projects in some completely new locations.


An incredible 2,000 trees were planted in Ghana this quarter. The majority of the work in this West African nation helped expand the tree nursery that’s already been established there.  Check out our Click A Tree Instagram page to see what local life is like in Ghana. It’s fair to say that Chris was warmly welcomed into the tree planting family when he visited in November. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5lSL7rnHTV/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link At this nursery, our team use the incredibly efficient Syntropic Farming strategy. The project creates new opportunities for locals, supports an entrepreneurship school, and grows trees with both long-term and short-term sustainable goals. Check out our Click a Tree Project Introduction: Planting Trees In Ghana. It really is amazing just how beneficial trees can be.

Project Introduction: Planting Trees in Ghana


We were also really, really excited to finally start a new project in Thailand!  You helped us plant 1,000 trees to kick-start the project this quarter. And trust us, there will be plenty more. As you probably already know, Chris is very passionate about protecting and developing new habitats for endangered elephant species. These beautiful animals rely on trees, and our tree planting work in Thailand aims to grow new forests for them and for many others. And, to help us, we have a special tree-planting fan – Kamee! Her “job” is to fertilize the forest with her dung. We like to think of her as our local soil scientist. As thanks for all her “hard work,” she gets rewarded with tasty, healthy treats. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1E6A7JlFXO/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


This was our fourth time planting in Nepal. Once again, we planted trees on the borders of the Chitwan National Park. 278 new trees were planted this time. The new green buffer zone that we’re helping to develop is crucial for wildlife and for local communities too.


We didn’t plant any trees in Indonesia during the last two quarters, so we made sure to return this time. 308 trees were planted, and they’ll help to re-create a precious orangutan habitat.


Madagascar has been one of our biggest tree planting sites since we got to work! In fact, it’s our second biggest site. We planted 750 trees there last quarter, and this quarter we’ve managed to plant 422 more. The focus is on planting mangrove trees here. These trees have a significant role to play in the fertilization of the soil and water management on the coast.  Why not check out Boto & Mary’s inspirational story? You’ll discover just how big a difference these trees can make to local people.

B'n'Tree Success Story The Miracle Of Mahabana The Wonderful Story of Japo, Boto and Mary on bedandtree

Where Did The Trees Come From?

As always, the majority of the new trees that were planted came from your bookings with bedandtree.com. And every single one of them was planted at no cost to you. But we also made a new personal best for the newsletter subscribers in December! As you already know, we plant a tree just to say thanks for signing up.  And if you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter, then shame on you! Sign up now! See that simple sign-up form below? Enter your name. Enter your email address. We plant a tree. Easy as that!

Yes, we still plant at least one tree per booking. In addition, this month we contributed to things like supporting the expansion of the tree nursery, and sourcing new projects in new countries.  But don’t worry – at least one tree is still planted per booking. At no cost to you. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5sUIu2Hm_0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

What Else Have We Been Doing?

You kept us busy planting trees, so thanks for always remembering to book with us!  However, we also got some exciting new partners to join the tree planting community. Both Libertas Hotels and I Love Sushi now plant trees when you book and buy with them. Tischler Reisen also planted trees as Christmas gifts for their best travel agents – how awesome is that?

What’s Next for B’n’Tree?

We have so much exciting news in the pipeline! Unfortunately, we’re not yet in a position to talk about it. But stay tuned – it’s going to be a sensational year and an even better decade. We’ve officially entered the Twentrees. This is “the decade during which we will save our planet.” But that’s only with your continued support.  Keep sharing our success stories from our Instagram page. Keep telling your followers about us. Get involved with our Facebook conversation about the Grow Show Planting Update for Q4. And can we be really demanding? Keep helping us to plant even more trees, no matter where in the world you go!  The whole world is suffering from the effects of climate change right now. The planet needs all of us more dearly than ever before. It’s no longer up for debate – it’s up to us to help. Please keep booking with us and helping us to restore the forests that are suffering around the globe.

B'n'Tree Grow Show: Planting Update Q4 2019 (Video)

But we had a pretty good year together, right? Thanks for making 2019 so successful! We’ve ended the decade on a high and the next one promises to be even better. We wouldn’t be where we are without you – so thank you for that. Stay tuned for exciting updates, stay awesome, and thanks for the support. Until then, Your B’n’Tree team.


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