Click A Tree Grow Show: Planting Update Q1 2020 (Video)

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Despite the challenging times, thanks to your continued support we managed to plant further trees in the past quarter. Here is Chris with an 75-second summary of how many trees we planted in the new decade so far.

Starting the Twentrees

Needless to say, we had hoped to start the new decade with a much bigger bang. It’s the Twentrees, after all – the decade that needs to save our planet!

Turning the 20s into The Twentrees with Click A Tree on clickatree

However, we must also acknowledge planting 848 trees is much better than planting no trees at all, so thank you for your continued support.

How we planted that many trees

Despite the crisis we managed to plant 848 trees. That’s a lot better than nothing, and especially valuable during these challenging times.

Our trees are planted in countries that have very weak (if any) social security systems, and workers often rely on their day-to-day income to feed themselves and their families. Hence we’re proud to have planted at least a few hundred trees to continue paying them a salary.

We’d like to thank you for that, since in Q1 we had many trees planted directly via our website. These challenging times require us to all stand together, and planting trees helps to make things at least a little bit easier for those who are a lot worse affected than we are.

We also had a lot of people signing up to our newsletter, and of course we continue to plant a free tree per new subscriber. So, if you haven’t subscribed yet, do so now. If you already have, encourage a friend or family member to subscribe as well. It’s completely free for you, and it plants one tree.

Thirdly, we’re delighted to work with partners that are not as badly affected by the crisis. One prime example is the sushi restaurant “I Love Sushi” in Stuttgart – the team has planted more trees this past quarter than ever before. Go I Love Sushi!

BnTree and I Love Sushi reforesting Ghana despite the crisis

Why we planted less trees in Q1 2020

Click A Tree grew out of B’n’Tree, the travel platform that plants trees. Most of our partners are operating in the tourism industry, and many of them are facing very challenging times at the moment. It’s understandable that, when struggling for survival, you re-arrange your list of priorities.

We’re hopeful that things will look better again soon and wish everyone enough strength to get through the crisis.

An inspiring story in challenging times

But tough times also bring up inspiring stories.  One impressive example are the Koncept Hotels, the first partner to ever directly plant trees with us. Being hit hard by the current crisis, the Koncept Hotels started a fundraiser on StartNext.

However, they didn’t just do it for themselves. As a holistically sustainable company, the Koncept team understood that most of their partners (they support many, to improve sanitation, feed hungry people, plant trees and more) are struggling as a result of this crisis as well. Hence they decided to give 10% of all fundraising income to the projects they support. How good is that?

We’re honored to work with partners such as these fine people.

Thank you, Koncept Hotels Team, for making our planet a better place. We hope that many other business owners will take your example as inspiration to also firmly integrate sustainability into their company DNA.

Click A Tree planting trees for your business to make sustainability simple on clickatree

How about you?

Tell us how you’re dealing with the crisis. Are there any silver linings? Any inspiring stories you experienced? Any wisdom and valuable lessons you’d like to share?

Now is the time. Put your thoughts in the comments below or join our Instagram conversation about planting trees in a time of crisis.

In addition, please stay positive and let us know if you know about companies that would like to make a difference. The way forward for all businesses is to become more sustainable, and we’re more than happy to help with that. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you for being the amazing person you are! Please keep that up and keep sharing your awesomeness with the rest of the planet. YOU ROCK!

Your contribution matters, and we love you for being wonderful.

Keep that up! And, please, stay healthy.

All the best,

Chris and the entire Click A Tree team


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