Click A Tree Grow Show: Q2 & Q3 2020 (Video)

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We’re back with another Click A Tree Grow Show! And despite the continued disruption of Coronavirus, we still got plenty of trees planted for all of you. Chris sums it all up in a quick video below.

We Still Planted Trees All Over the World

Ok – enough of the pleasantrees! Let’s get to the numbers.

In total, we planted more than 3,000 trees all over the globe. 3,252 to be exact. It’s not our biggest total but, given the circumstances, we’re delighted that we were able to plant thousands of trees in challenging conditions for everyone.

These trees were planted between Ghana, Thailand, and the Philippines, which is our newest tree-planting destination.


The majority of these 3,000 trees were planted in Ghana, where we planted 2,576 trees. This site is unique in that it employs Syntropic Farming, and the trees help to support a local entrepreneurship school as well.

Click A Tree Sustainable Tree Planting Ghana


We planted a further 176 trees in Thailand, supporting local workers like Anchala. These trees help to restore the forests in Northern Thailand, providing habitat for animals such as elephants.

Planting Trees Thailand Anchala


Finally, an additional 500 trees were planted on a new project in the Philippines, where we’re now planting mangroves as well. You’ll find out all about this new tree-planting site early next year.

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The Impact of Coronavirus on Planting Trees

Although we only ever focus on the positives, even we can’t deny the effect that a global pandemic has had on our tree-planting numbers. 

It’s a challenge for us, but it’s a much bigger problem for the countries where we plant our trees. Few people in these countries benefit from a social security system, and workers rely on their daily income to feed themselves and their families.

We’re really proud to have continued planting trees there, and continued to pay our workers a salary. What a releaf!

Click A Tree Fair Work and Trees

So a special thank you for your efforts in these difficult times! We’re so happy to have dedicated and generous people like you all over the world, determined to help us keep on planting trees no matter what.

But we don’t want to sap all the positivity out of you! We’ve already told you all about a few of the positive side effects of Corona. Check them out, and see if you can think of any more.

Positive Effects of Coronavirus

The most important takeaway is that the pandemic has been a worldwide wake-up call. Even the biggest skeptics must now see that climate change is real, and that human activity plays a significant role. We need to act urgently.

The Different Ways We Planted Trees Together

Many of you planted trees directly on our website – and this is great! But we also planted new trees through our B2B partnerships and our GROW newsletter. Remember, we plant a free tree for every new subscriber.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, then get to it! Encourage a friend or family member to sign up with you. It’s completely free, and all you need is an email address.

Keep Supporting Us and We’ll Keep On Planting Trees

A big thank you for making all of this happen! Please keep the good vibes coming, and plant a tree on today.

The one thing we’d like you to do today is turn your words into actions. Don’t just talk. Don’t hide behind pledges. Act. Turn that talk into trees. We’ll be right here with you.

Spread the word on Facebook, get involved with our Treevia quizzes on Instagram, and share our site with your family and friends.

The more trees we plant, the better. For the endangered animals, for the local communities, and for ourselves.

Please stay positive, stay healthy, and stay awesome! Thank you!

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