How Many Trees Were Planted – Click A Tree Grow Show: Q4 2020 (Video)

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Hello, tree friends and welcome to the Click A Tree Grow Show Q4 2020. Even though a pandemic tried to slow us down, we didn’t bury our trunks in the sand, but continued to plant more trees!

Watch the video below for a quick summary. 

How Many Trees Were Planted

Thanks to you, we have planted 1,417 trees in total! To be honest, we weren’t quite sure how Q4 would go with new lockdowns and restrictions but together, we made it happen. 

Because of you, 1,417 trees were planted. But not only that, you also helped create jobs for people in less fortunate regions of the world. 

It’s amazing to see that even in hard and unprecedented times we can make awesome things happen. 

Where These Trees Were Planted

The trees were planted in our newest tree-planting site – the Philippines, where we are planting mangroves. 

Cool fact about mangrove trees: They provide protection for all kinds of marine wildlife, from small fish to 10-foot sharks. 

More about our tree-planting site in the Philippines and why we decided to plant trees for the seas

Tree Planting in the Philippines Click A Tree

1,417 trees are an amazing number for the current situation, and, as it wouldn’t make sense to only plant a couple of trees across our various locations, we have decided to focus our efforts on the Philippines this time around. 

But don’t worry, we’re already preparing to plant further trees in Thailand and Ghana, which will go into the ground next quarter.

Why we planted less trees in Q4 2020

Truth be told, we hoped to plant a lot more trees than we factually did in Q4 2020.

This is mostly owed to the extended Corona crisis and the lockdown. Many of our partners come from the tourism and gastronomy industry, which are suffering the most from the extended lockdowns. 

However, we’re already spreading our wings to make sure we plant as many trees as we can to make the world a greener place. 

Because we’re not just planting trees to make the world more colorful. We’re planting trees to fight climate change, create jobs, and to create animal habitat.

As well as, so that future generations can witness the beauty of biodiversity themselves rather than through a school book.

Plus, trees are simply awesome and vital for us!

10 Resons why trees are awesome Click A Tree

Ready to take action and plant more trees?

Awesome! Here is how you can plant trees as a business owner or as an individual. Psst… in neither scenario you’re required to wear pants.

Planting Trees for Business Owners

If you have a business, no matter whether you’re providing a service or selling a product, you can plant trees. We work with partners from various industries and make tree planting accessible to everybody. 

Send us an email today to

Planting Trees for Individuals

Want to surprise a loved one with a super cool and sustainable gift? Or just want to do something good for yourself and the planet? Plant a tree with just a couple of clicks.

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Stay awesome, stay healthy and wash your hands!

Your Click A Tree team. 


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