B’n’Tree Growth Report September 2018

by | Oct 9, 2018 | News and Announcements | 2 comments

THANK YOU for helping to plant 8,006 trees in September 2018! That is more than double what we achieved in our so-far-record-month of August this year! Unbelievable!


We have planted 3,006 mangrove trees in Madagascar in September 2018, as well as 5,000 acacias in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

You can see here where we plant our trees.

Trees in Madagascar are planted in cooperation with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects, ensuring sustainable planting results and generating valuable income for the local community. In Kenya, we have partnered up with the Land & Life Foundation, which works closely with local schools to educate young Kenyans about the importance of trees, nature and conservation.

New partners this month include Hotels.com and Expedia. The latter even enables you to plant trees when booking flights, cruises, tour packages or car rentals. Make use of it!

To make October the next record month, please

  1. Sign up for our Newsletters (or, if you have already, ask your friends to sign up) – we will plant one tree per subscriber. For Free!
  2. Participate in our survey on which country to help reforest next. All you need to do is comment on a social media post. For every voter we plant one tree.
  3. Use bedandtree.com every time to think travel. Every booking that originated on this website helps reforest the planet. And yes: Please share this website with your family, friends and work colleagues. Together we are strong!


It has never been so easy to plant trees while traveling. Make use of it. Plant real trees for free while you travel!


  1. Victor

    An excellent initiative. I use booking.com regularly and will now go through your site first.

    • Chris

      Thanks Victor, much appreciated.

      Please help spread the word and share the project with your friends and family as well. The more trees, the better.

      Thank you!


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