HotelSpecials Joins B’n’Tree: Get Special Hotel Deals & Plant Trees For Free!

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Nobody else can find the special deals that HotelSpecials can. Romantic extras? Free stays for kids? Or how about a free bottle of wine thrown in with dinner? Look no further than HotelSpecials.

And, now that HotelSpecials joined forces with B’n’Tree, those deals just got even more special. Continue reading and you’ll find out why!

HotelSpecials Joins B’n’Tree: Get Special Hotel Deals & Plant Trees For Free!

A HotelSpecial Deal That Plants Trees

HotelSpecials are with you round the clock as we plant trees around the world. In addition, the hotel specialists can help you find your perfect escape with quality rooms throughout Europe. Chic suites, wellness spas and family stays are just some of their exciting offers.

But what really sets the Haarlem team apart from their competition is their emphasis on offering special deals to the places you love. Therefore, you’ll find room upgrades, free nights, half-price dinners and sumptuous breakfasts are some of the regular specials they can include in your deal.

HotelSpecials Joins B’n’Tree: Get Special Hotel Deals & Plant Trees For Free! Hotel Castle Trendelburg

How about a stay at Hotel Castle in Trendelburg, Germany? HotelSpecials have special deals everywhere you can think of © HotelSpecials

Looking for something more luxurious on a romantic break? HotelSpecials can help with a free upgrade. Maybe you would prefer a free dinner on arrival, or free stays when you visit with children? They’ve thought of everything.

HotelSpecials Joins B’n’Tree: Get Special Hotel Deals & Plant Trees For Free! Relais & Chateaux Hotel Heritage

Why not enjoy a luxurious stay at Relais & Chateaux Hotel Heritage in Bruges, Belgium? © HotelSpecials

They’re the experts on specials, and they’ve made a special commitment to you. For every reservation that begins with, they’ll plant a tree somewhere in the world where it’s needed the most. 

HotelSpecials Joins B’n’Tree: Get Special Hotel Deals & Plant Trees For Free! Van de Valk Hotel Utrecht

Maybe you’re looking for a spa retreat? Van der Valk Hotel in Utrecht, Netherlands, has a special 10% discount and even includes wellness treatments! © HotelSpecials

Planting a free tree every time you make a booking is a great way to maximize the benefits of these natural carbon sinks. And since it comes at no cost to you whatsoever, why would you book anywhere else? Click on the images above to start planting free trees with HotelSpecials, no matter what kind of trip you’re going on.

About HotelSpecials

HotelSpecials are a Dutch hotel-reservation company, part of the BookerZzz team. The hotel booking specialists were founded in 2002 by Remco Hofstede and Nick Stals in Haarlem, Netherlands, where they still have their HQ today. 

What began as a good idea for a hotel-booking platform quickly turned into a fast-growing company with a great presence in the travel industry. A second website was launched in Gothenburg in 2008 and HotelSpecials branched out (no pun intended) to the Scandinavian market. 

They now have two offices in Sweden and offer a huge range of hotel rooms throughout Scandinavian countries.

And they didn’t stop there! In 2014 HotelSpecials also made their way into the German market and as a result, a third website soon followed. A new branch was opened in Berlin and was born.

Now, HotelSpecials have reached out to in an effort to become more sustainable and we couldn’t be happier to help them achieve that. It’s really exciting to see such a big travel company make an effort and focus on their sustainability. 

We hope that other travel companies, big and small, take inspiration from HotelSpecials in the near future and recognize their role in promoting green travel. Well done HotelSpecials for reaching out and planting new trees!

Help Us to Plant More Free Trees With HotelSpecials

Turns out saving the planet is, uhm, a bit of a hot topic right now. Who would’ve guessed? Seems the issue of our planet’s future is burning under everyone’s fingertips. We’re actually glad that the topic is spreading like wildfire, and that people all over the world are taking action.

But in all seriousness, it’s more important now than ever before that we do everything we can to reduce the levels of harmful greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Recent studies have shown that planting trees has a huge potential to help. In fact, planting trees is thought to be the most effective way to reduce carbon in our atmosphere.

Even if you only help to plant 1 free tree with HotelSpecials, you’re making a difference. Click on the image above to start your booking with them today. Your small actions have huge benefits for local people that need a stable economy and for the endangered animals that need trees to survive.

B'n'Tree Success Story The Miracle Of Mahabana The Wonderful Story of Japo, Boto and Mary on bedandtree

Take Boto & Mary, for instance. They were hopeless in a small Madagascar town and risking their lives for pennies. Planting trees helped to change all of that. Find out what happened with the Miracle Story of Mahabana and you’ll see the huge impact that planting trees can have.

And all of this for free. It really is a special, simple deal.

In the meantime, sign up for our free GROW newsletter. We’ll plant a free tree as our way of saying thanks. 

Are you excited about our new partnership with HotelSpecials? Is there any other way you’d like to see us celebrate the partnership? And where are you planning to go on your next city break? Leave a Comment below, for instance, or join in with our Facebook conversation about HotelSpecials planting trees for free and let us know.

And keep up the good work! We’ll share our next piece of exciting news with you soon! 


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