I Love Sushi Joins B’n’Tree: Plant A Free Tree While Enjoying Delicious Sushi

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Rice and shine for some great tree-planting news!

I Love Sushi have decided they love the environment too! The Stuttgart-based sushi restaurant have teamed up with B’n’Tree to help plant trees around the world.

Have you bento find out how they plant trees yet? And why should you maki some time for sushi in Stuttgart?

Keep reading for more terrible puns, and all you need to know about planting trees with I Love Sushi.

I Love Sushi Joins B’n’Tree: Plant A Free Tree While Enjoying Delicious Sushi.

How Do Sushi Rolls & Planting Trees Go Together?

I Love Sushi have been rolling delicious sushi since 2009. They focus on creating high-quality sushi meals with their mouth-watering, fresh menu.

As well as delighting customers with their exciting meals, I Love Sushi also take a proactive approach to sustainability. They practice minimum waste, carbon-free trading and sustainable fishing.

Now, they’ve decided they want to do even more. And we’re delighted to be able to help them achieve that goal.

I Love Sushi is now contributing to planting trees with every sold tree roll. It’s a permanent special with extra-special vegetarian filling.

I Love Sushi Joins B’n’Tree: Plant A Free Tree While Enjoying Delicious Sushi. Delicious Tree Rolls

But on a more serious note, this is great news for the planet. And it’s so simple. Order your tree roll at I Love Sushi. Enjoy your tasty meal. Plant a tree in the process. 

I Love Sushi’s commitments will help plant trees where they’re needed most. Endangered animal species are protected, the effect of harmful greenhouse gases is reduced and local workers get a fair, dependable income.

Planting trees makes a significant difference around the world. And with I Love Sushi, you have yet another way to plant trees, even when you’re not traveling.

How To Plant More Trees Even when not traveling on bedandtree (1)

Well done to I Love Sushi for being the first restaurant to reach out and plant trees with us. We hope other restaurants decide to follow their fine example soon.

Maybe you already know a restaurant owner that cares about the planet? Make sure they get in touch!

I Love Sushi Help Take Us One Step Closer To Our B’n’Tree Vision

I Love Sushi planting trees brings us nicely to our next point.

Our vision is to make planting trees a regular, every day activity. Paying for your bus ticket? Plant a tree while you board. Booking a holiday? Riding an Uber? Supermarket shopping? We dream of mechanisms that make planting trees an automatic part of these essential activities.

We also dream about ordering a meal and being given the option to plant a tree while we do so.

“Would you like a drink with that? What about any sides? And how about planting a tree with your meal today?”

Planting trees and combating climate change can be a normal, every day activity. Our tree-planting partnership with I Love Sushi takes us one step closer to making that vision a reality. 

Help support their wonderful efforts. Head over there – here’s how. Should you be too far away, share this article with someone in Germany.

How Can You Help Us Plant Even More Trees Around The World?

Imagine if more companies helped to make planting trees as easy as this? Planting trees can be so simple. And as always, that’s where you come in.

You’ve done so much for us so far. Your commitment recently helped us plant our 100,000th tree.

But we still have more exciting ideas and we hope you can help. First of all, sign-up for our GROW newsletter. Name and email address. You need nothing more.

Be sure to visit I Love Sushi when you’re visiting Southern Germany. Even better, if you know somebody living there, then send them this article! 

You’ll help to plant free trees just by ordering a sushi roll. It really doesn’t get any easier than that, does it?

And while you’re here, why not invite your friends to take part in our tree-planting challenge too?

If you’re reading this and wondering how you can get your company or restaurant involved in planting trees, then we would love to hear from you too! Get in touch today and see what exciting partnerships we can help create.

I Love Sushi Joins B’n’Tree: Plant A Free Tree While Enjoying Delicious Sushi. Contact our team today

Which company would you like to see plant free trees next? And what do you think of I Love Sushi joining the tree-planting community? Who do you plan to share the good news with? 

Drop a comment below, or join our Facebook conversation about I Love Sushi helping to reforest the world

Keep up the great work, and look out for our next exciting announcement soon.


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